Our friends over at AndroidPolice did a cool thing. They reminded us that the developer options in the new Android 4.2 are actually hidden, and they shared the method to find them. These methods have been posted before, but some useful bits bear repeating. Here's the skinny,

Anyway, to access the Developer Options menu, and things like USB debugging, just do the following:
  • Open the Settings menu
  • Go down to the "System" sub-section of the settings menu at the bottom
  • Hit "About Phone [or Tablet]"
  • At or near the bottom, you should see the "Build number" header
  • Tap this area about 10 times, and the Developer Options menu should appear
Of course, Google intentionally made it hard to get here, because they didn't want the average user monkeying around with stuff that could cause issues with device, so keep this in mind. Make sure you head to the forums for any assistance in tinkering around with these settings. Be careful and have fun!

Source: Android Police