Some Benchmarks pitting the new HTC Droid DNA up against the LG-made Google Nexus 4 phone are available to satiate your curiosity. Oddly, even though the two phones have the exact same processor and RAM specifications, the new Droid DNA absolutely crushes the Nexus 4. Obviously, the user experience is not really affected by these benchmarks because both phones are so fast. Still, it's interesting to see the disparity between the two. Normally you would think the "pure" Android experience would be the better of the two. Here's a breakdown of the results (with pics of the results at the source link below):

  • In Quadrant the Nexus 4 scored 4870 while the Droid DNA scored 8142.
  • In Smartbench the Nexus 4 scored 3171 while the Droid DNA scored 4588.
  • In Vellamo the Nexus 4 scored 954 while the Droid DNA scored 1751.
  • In AnTuTu the Nexus 4 scored 10048 while the Droid DNA scored 14537.

Could this be because HTC has done a remarkable job at optimizing Sense UI? What other reason could cause some a large difference in raw performance numbers?

Obviously, the other telling thing about this benchmark is that the new HTC Droid DNA is as fast or faster than just about any other smartphone out there, at least in static, number-crunching testing.

Does this affect your purchasing decision?

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Source: Droid-Life