Earlier this year the cool launcher/tablet home page customizer called "Chameleon" moved from being a Kickstarter project to a full-blown product on the Google Play Store. When it first released, the company charged a super-premium price of $10. It's an impressive product and (in some ways) goes well beyond the typical vanilla launcher, but that price did tend to turn off some consumers. Apparently the company decided it wanted to become more competitive with their pricing, as the product can now be found for just $3.99. This price is much closer to a true premium price, and in some ways it actually a couple dollars cheaper than that. Regardless, this is now a relative bargain for an enjoyable and useful app. If you were holding off, now might be a good time to snap it up, because there is no indication if this is a temporary sale or a new permanent pricing model. Here's a link below. Sound off in the thread what your experience is with Chameleon.

Source: Google Play Store - Chameleon Launcher