Tweet Lane fanes this might not be the post for you. Just a few months back, Twitter made some changes to their policy regarding their API usage which might spell the end to the up-and-coming Twitter Android client. The API policy update basically limited the ability for any 3rd party twitter application from getting popular. They set a 100,000 user token limit and so after that limit is reach, the app is basically unusable for anyone that has not already received a token. Now this means Tweet Lane has essentially reached its user limit and the developer has the following to say about the future of the application.

So it saddens me greatly to announce that going forward, I won't be actively developing Tweet Lanes as I have to this point. The cold hard reality is that with this immovable, 100,000 user ceiling, my plans for growing and eventually monetizing the app are no longer feasible.

This will likely be disappointing news for many of you, but given I spent a good chunk of my spare time for 10+ months working on this app, believe me when I say this decision pains me more than it does anyone else.

I'm disappointed that the app is not feature complete, that I won't be able to implement my planned premium features, and that I won't be able to demonstrate some of the cool UX ideas I had (especially in the tablet space). Also, I continue to feel strongly that Twitter users are under-served on Android, and I regret that I won't be able to give my all to try and change that situation.

For what it's worth, I have given serious consideration to creating and selling a new 'Tweet Lanes Pro' application. If I ever reached the 100k user limit for such an application, that would clearly be well worth my time, and I could do whatever I saw fit in creating that app with regards to Twitter's requirements. I am however, very hesitant about pursuing this course of action, as it seems like a bit of a slap in the face to the people who helped me promote the app via 'free for life', even if this circumstance was brought about by factors outside of my control.
It is sad to see Twitter coming down to this, but hopefully some policy changes will make apps like Tweet Lane return to its normal greatness.
Via: Androidcentral