When twitter announced their policy changes, no one paid too much attention to it, but apparently the consequence of their changes effectively silenced many of the popular Twitter clients we have all grown to know and love. Just this weekend, we posted about Tweet Lane shutting down development for their popular Android application, and now we come to you with another clientís announcement that they will be discontinuing development of their application. One of the members on the team behind the Android app called Boid have just posted on his personal blog explaining that they will also probably be ending development of their application soon-- not official yet. The developer said that they are quite happy with what they achieved with their app regardless of this announcement. They went out to change the idea that a Twitter application didnít have to be user friendly, and they did just that with their great beta application.
Sadly, this is the second of many announcements that will probably follow due to the policy changes by Twitter, so get ready for the end of 3rd party twitter clients.

Source: Androidcentral via: Dev blog