We have an intriguing triple combo set of Samsung rumors for you this morning. You probably shouldn't count on any of these being super accurate, but they are not completely ridiculous so are worth sharing. I'll just list them for you below:

  • Samsung is already working on the Galaxy S 4 (that's no surprise). The new part of this rumor is that Samsung is calling this "Project J" and that it will come with a full 1080p HD display and a new Sammy quad-core processor. We aren't sure how important the name of the project is, but perhaps it might trigger other rumors and intel in the future.
  • Samsung will soon release a cheaper successor to the Galaxy Note II. Supposedly, to cut costs and make it more budget-friendly, the cheaper version of the GNote2 will not have a stylus. Additionally it will be a bit slower than the current GNote2 and might use an LCD instead of an AMOLED.
  • Samsung intends to release their own version of a "convertible" tablet, just like the successful Transformer series from ASUS. Supposedly, Samsung is working on a 13.3 inch tablet that will be built just like the Transformer series with detachable QWERTY keyboard form factor.

There's obviously no real way to tell just how accurate this intel is, until we either get official confirmation or the "proof is in the pudding" and the products are released. Share your thoughts on these possibilities.

Source: AndroidAuthority