When you are at the top of the heap, it certainly seems like everyone wants to either knock you off or at least take some of your lunch money. That is what is happening to Samsung right now. They managed to oust Apple as the reigning global king of mobile smartphones just recently, and now everyone is coming out of the shadows to take a shot at them. While Samsung is busy defending itself from and counter-attacking Apple in over a dozen courts around the world, it looks like they will have to fend off an attack from Ericsson as well.

Ericsson, the Swedish telecoms gear maker and former partner with Sony, has just filed suit in the US against Samsung asking for an import ban on Samsung products. This report did not specify which specific Samsung products were named, but Ericsson claims that several of Samsung's devices infringe upon their patents. Here's a quote with some additional detail,

The request from Ericsson, which said on Monday the products infringe on its patents, came after it sued Samsung for patent infringement in a U.S. court last week.

"The request for an import ban is a part of the process. An import ban is not our goal. Our goal is that they (Samsung) sign license agreements on reasonable terms," spokesman Fredrik Hallstan said.

Ericsson said last week it was suing Samsung after talks failed to reach agreement on terms that were fair, reasonable and non-discriminatory (FRAND) over patents.

Samsung said it would defend itself against the lawsuit, adding that Ericsson had asked for "prohibitively higher royalty rates to renew the same patent portfolio".
So, basically it looks like Ericsson originally had a FRAND patent arrangement with Samsung, but now that Sammy is raking in the dough at the top of the food chain, Ericsson wants to have a bigger piece of the pie. I guess that's the order of business for the business world. It's like a cut-throat gladiatorial combat arena...

Source: Reuters