Google's devs just shared the latest Android distribution chart showing the adoption rate of the various versions of the Android OS. Predictably, Gingerbread is still in the lead by a fairly large margin, and Ice Cream Sandwich is in second place. What is really interesting is that there has been a large spike in Jelly Bean growth, which could signal the start of less fragmentation in the future.

The stats indicate that Gingerbread is sitting at 50.8% of the market, while ICS eked up a minuscule 2% to total of 27.5%. The interesting trend is that Jelly Bean is now up to 6.7%, which is double the amount of the last distribution chart. It probably shouldn't be too much of a surprise considering all of the nexus devices that were either released with or recently upgraded to Jelly Bean. Regardless, it's great to see things moving in a forward direction, and especially how quickly Jelly Bean is growing. You can see more charts and statistics at the source link below. Can you believe there are still over 10% of devices out there which still have Froyo?

Source: Android Developers