Could the HTC Butterfly (aka the Droid DNA on Verizon) help pull HTC out of the market nose-dive they have been struggling with? Today's news suggests it might. Apparently, the HTC Butterfly is selling so well in Japan, HTC is having a tough time keeping up with demand and has had to boost shipments. Here's a quote with some additional info,

"Based on our initial feedback, the phone has become very popular in Japan and we have been endeavoring to boost our shipments," HTC CEO Peter Chou said at a joint news conference with Chunghwa Telecom Co., Taiwan's largest telecom operator.

Jack Tong, president of HTC North Asia, said at the press conference that the first wave of Butterfly shipments to Japan had fallen short of demand and that HTC is planning to ship "a large number" of the phones at the end of December.

The HTC Butterfly, which features an ultra-sharp display and the latest quad-core processor from Qualcomm Inc., was launched in Japan Oct. 17 and in the United States Nov. 14.

The Butterfly will go on sale in Taiwan later this month through Chunghwa Telecom, with a price tag of NT$22,900 (US$788).
We've also been hearing some industry scuttlebutt that HTC has seen their revenues rise this quarter as well, so it is entirely possible they will be able to pull out of the horrendous tailspin they have been in since last year. What do you guys think... can HTC make a comeback in 2013? Their hardware has become very impressive, but lacks a few key ingredients that could really push them to the top...

HTC's newest Droid DNA had nearly every spec needed to become the absolute "wet-dream" for Android phone fans, but they dropped the ball and missed having the "perfect" combination for an Android phone. (HTC you may want to pay attention to this next part.) If they had brought out the HTC Droid DNA and included a removable 2500 mAh battery, as well as a microSD slot, then it would finally have been the "Holy Grail" of smartphones. Why is it manufacturers always come so close, but then come up short on perfection by just a few features?

Source: AndroidAuthority