Well... it seems that Samsung's marketing team is pulling out all the stops in the creativity department. They are even poking fun at their own previous commercials and reusing their concepts in creative and disturbingly funny ways. The above video is basically a holiday-themed sequel/reboot/copy of Samsung's previous S Beam on the SGS3 commercial, in which the wife hints at a "home-made adult" video she created for her husband. This was the one where the kids share their videos with daddy as he gets in the cab, and the wife then does the same, but tells him he shouldn't watch it on the plane.

This new one uses the same formula, but swaps out the players for Santa, his wife and some elves! It even ends with Samsung's familiar phrase, "The Next Big Thing is Here." Innuendo much?

This commercial may not be politically correct, but sometimes the best humor pushes the envelop. Does this one push too far, or hit the funny bone just right? You decide...

Funny sidenote: I wonder if Apple will try to sue Samsung for stealing their own ideas?