Apparently, the evolution of smartphones is now running backwards, at least in the size category. Originally, we had massive hand-held devices that eventually shrank down to tiny little phones that could slip easily in a shirt pocket. Now the hot craze seems to be shifting toward 5-Inch "phablet" style smartphones, and if today's rumors are accurate, that 5-inches is going to look pretty small. According to the latest intel, Samsung is prepping the next Galaxy Note device. Supposedly, the Galaxy Note 3 will be a 6.3-inch behemoth! This beast of a device will come with a full 1080p OLED and probably come with the usual host of high-end internals.

While your head is still spinning from that odd news, we will share a couple more juicy tidbits from the rumor-mill. It's also possible we will see hints of the Samsung Galaxy S IV at Mobile World Congress in February of next year. Of course, we've heard this kind of stuff before with the rumored launch at CES in January. This was quickly debunked, and we suspect the same will be true for this rumor. It's worth repeating that the Galaxy series has grown big enough in reputation for Samsung to desire specific launch events for these devices from now on.

Here's the last rumor of the bunch. Supposedly, Samsung may be prepping a 7-Inch Galaxy Note tablet. Of course, this almost makes you wonder if the first rumor and this third rumor are one in the same. Perhaps the 6.3-inch device is a tablet and not a phone, or perhaps it's a tablet with phone capabilities. For now, we are left to wonder, but of course we will keep you abreast of any new info that comes along.

Source: Phandroid