Although that title sounds like something we would do in an "April Fool's Day" article, the intel is genuine. Supposedly, Samsung plans to restructure themselves in a massive way. They plan to split up into two parts. One half of the company will continue to build hardware & software specifically for Samsung products, like their HDTVs, smartphones, tablets, appliances & more. The other half will be the manufacturing arm of Samsung, which will focus on the chipsets and components that go into manufacturing other companies tech, like the iPhone & iPad. Choi Gee-sung will head the manufacturer side of things, while Kwon Oh-hyun will be in charge of the Samsung retail side.

Apparently, Samsung's intention is to create a "firewall" of sorts so that they can continue to build the components for other companies' products, while still building their own devices that compete in those same markets, without their being a conflict of interest. Of course, it remains to be seen if this "restructuring" will be believable, but at least Samsung is making some effort in that regard. Here's a quote with a couple more details,

There's been speculation that the restructuring is designed to ease concerns that Samsung's components division could leak information about Apple orders to the mobile group until now, both were under the command of Choi Gee-sung. Samsung "hopes the promotion of Kwon wipes out such worries," but also says the move will help maintain growth during a time of slow economic growth and a patent war with Apple. Whatever the reasons, it should make for interesting seating arrangements at company dinners.
What do you think of this reorganizing? Will it be a viable idea or is it just "smoke and mirrors"?

Source: TheVerge