Google has been very busy with new updates lately, and the trend doesn't stop today. Later today they plan to release a major Google+ app update that brings with a slew of improvements, bug fixes and new features. One of the primary new improvements is to photo and event features. Below is a highlight of some of the changes.
  • Instant upload now includes up to 5GB of full-sized photo backups.
  • The bandwidth efficiency of Hangouts has been improved, and only 150kbps is required to join a hangout.
  • There is now Communities support for the mobile app.
  • You can now send messages to each separate event guest, and you can see who opened their invites.
  • They have made improvements to the posting menu, and added the ability to edit your profile on-the-go.
  • There is now animated GIF support.
  • The new update also includes a lock screen widget for Android 4.2.
  • They added a new "mood" style post with a wide range of emotions.
  • You can now see Birthday notifications through cards on Google Now. This includes G+ links to wish the person a happy birthday.

These are only some of the enhancements, so feel free to check out the GooglePlusProject source link below for more info. The update isn't quite out yet, but is expected to hit sometime later today. Sound off in this thread when you guys see it.

Source: via GooglePlusProject