With PC technology, new chipset technology would cycle every 6-12 months and if you were lucky, performance would double or triple the previous generation. Somehow, mobile chipsets evolve at a much faster pace than this. Specs for the "Wayne" chip (aka Tegra 4) from NVIDIA were just leaked today, and the new tech is supposedly six times faster in graphics prowess than the previous gen Tegra 3. In fact, if this leak is accurate, the specs on this new chip from NVIDIA will be phenomenal. Here's a breakdown:
  • Built on the 28nm process instead of the 40nm of the Tegra 3
  • Uses a similar 4-PLUS-1 architecture as the Tegra 3, with a fifth battery saver core.
  • The four primary cores will be ARM A15
  • 72 GPU cores (the Tegra 3 has 16 GPU cores)
  • Support for 2560 x 1600 displays 24b or 4K (not that you would have a phone with that resolution, but maybe a tablet or mini-HDMI output to a big screen. Alternatively, this chip could also be the next-gen chip for high-end smart UHDTVs.)
  • 1440p encoding and decoding (2560 x 1440)
  • Hardware-accelerated security features include Secure Boot, h/w DRM, and HDCP, and there’s support for USB 3.0 and a high-performance imaging chip.
  • Dual-channel DDR3L memory support

Supposedly, this chip could be ready as soon as Q1 of next year! If this is the future of mobile tech sign me up for a ride in a certain DeLorean that needs 1.21 GigaWatts of power to travel! In the absence of that, I guess we will have to wait until CES to perhaps get a glimpse of this alien technology.

Source: SlashGear