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"On Thursday, the Korea Times reported that a Galaxy Note 3 using a great 6.3-inch display is preparing to launch in 2013. The tablet-smartphone hybrid grew from a 5.3-inch display to a 5.5-inch screen in its second generation, and now Samsung is rumored to step it up an additional notch.

While Samsung fans may possibly nonetheless be rejoicing more than the company’s Samsung Galaxy Note 2 launches, the brand new handset’s successor could very nicely be in the operates. The handset’s currently colossal screen is expected to acquire about an inch in length, rumors say.

The Korea-based manufacturer is speedy to tout sales numbers produced by its new “phablet” category, as the business just boasted final month that it sold five million Galaxy Note two units in just two months. This really is about double the sales rate on the original Galaxy Note.Galaxy Note 3 Release Date Rumored For 2013."

Samsung also seems to become porting the design components of its broadly successful Galaxy S3 for the phablet, because the second-generation Galaxy Note functions the same nature-inspired body curved edges as its flagship handset. Similarly, Samsung decided to launch its new Note on virtually all key carriers within the Usa just since it did with its Galaxy S3. It really is predecessor, however, was launched as an AT&T exclusive."

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