AT&T wanted to make a few people have a brighter Christmas, at least when it comes to data download speeds on their mobile devices. They just lit up 15 new markets this week with their 4G LTE service. Here's the list:
  • Boise, Idaho
  • Boulder, Colo.
  • Bowling Green, Ky.
  • Harrisburg, Pa.
  • Hartford, Conn.
  • Lancaster, Pa.
  • Lexington, Ken.
  • New Haven, Conn.
  • Ogden, Utah
  • Providence, R.I.

AT&T expanded its coverage in:
  • Middlesex County, N.J.
  • Phoenix, Ariz.
  • Salt Lake City, Utah
  • Los Angeles, Calif.

Tuesday, AT&T added:
  • Green Bay, Wis.
  • Melbourne, Fla.
  • Oxford, Miss.
  • Springfield, Mass.
  • Tucson, Ariz.