It looks like Samsung is becoming the new Apple, at least if you use the metric of massive sales and profit as a guide. Samsung just shared their Q4 2012 earnings statement, and although it comes as no surprise that they are basically kicking everyone's butt, their numbers are still surprisingly phenomenal. According to the report, Samsung raked in $8.3 Billion in profit last quarter, which is 89% higher than the same quarter last fiscal year.

Of course, keep in mind that this is profit for the entire company, not just their mobile division. Let's not forget that Samsung has their hands in just about every electronics product you can imagine, like HDTVs, appliances and much more. Still, a large part of that massive profit number does come from their mobile sales. According to the same report sales of Samsung mobile handsets (combined smartphones and feature phones) have reached an apex of nearly 500 phones per minute, and sold nearly 65 Million units in Q4.

Analysts are predicting further growth from Samsung next year and anticipate their yearly profit for 2013 will likely hit $35 Billion. With numbers like these, it's no wonder their stock is up by 40% over last year.

Source: BGR