Last year (and in 2011) we shared info about a company called Liquipel, who markets their process by which they coat your smartphone or other similar sized device in a nano-coating that provides both the outside and the inside with water-resistance. From CES this week, the company shared a couple of new announcements.

First, Liquipel has developed a 2.0 version of their product. This new enhanced liquid-repellant treatment is now certified beyond IPX7, (which is immersion at a depth of 1m for 30 minutes). This new version has "significant advancements in durability, corrosion resistance and water protection" than its predecessor, and is "up to 100 times more effective... while maintaining component integrity and RF sensitivity."

Second, Liquipel is also taking things to a whole new level in marketability of their product. They announced their new "Liquipod" machines, which basically are smaller versions of the machine they currently use to treat electronic devices. This new machine (while still quite large) is still fairly portable, and the company plans to open multiple retail locations nationwide. Additionally, they are working out a program in which they can lease these 4ft x 4ft Liquipods out to other companies who want to offer the service.

It's great to see this technology continue to evolve. Hopefully very soon we will see these liquipods popping up in retail channels everywhere!

Source: TechCrunch