CES is done for this year, and there were a few hits and misses. One of the stars of the show in 2013 was Samsung's Youm flexible AMOLED displays. The first models simply featured curved displays rather than the bendable concept that will likely come in the future, but they were still impressive. The other interesting bit of info that came out of these demos was that Samsung showed off the specs for their next generation of display that will likely become the screen for the Galaxy S IV. As you can see from the pic above, this next display in Samsung's portfolio is a 1080p 4.99-inch FHD Display with 440ppi, and it supposedly uses 25% less power than the previous generation.

There is no official word that this screen will be in the SGS4, but it is highly likely. There is also no word on whether this display will be using the Youm technology, but of course we will let you guys know as soon as we hear something. As far as Youm tech is concerned, here are a couple of pics above of concept prototypes using the flexible technology to create curved displays. Enjoy!

Source: SlashGear