Today's first story is an experiment from multiple different angles. A jovial gentleman decided it would be fun to microwave his Samsung Galaxy S III and film it. Furthermore, he then decided to sell it on eBay for $2,012, by calling it "professionally microwaved art." So, here are a series of questions and answers for this multi-part experiment:

[1]What will happen to an SGS3 if you microwave it?
Answer: nothing good. In fact, the result is quite hideous, but explosive and enjoyable to watch.
[2]Will people be interested in watching a video of a SGS3 being microwaved?
Answer: Yes! Of course many of us would love to see what happens to a fresh piece of expensive tech as it is melted by a microwave! (As long as it isn't our own.)
[3]How crazy do you have to be to microwave your SGS3 and try to sell it on eBay as "art"?
Answer: I would think there must be some level of mental instability to take the chance on this potentiality. If the device ends up selling then it will simply prove that the "artist" was crazy like a fox. If it doesn't sell, than perhaps a visit with a psychiatrist is in order.
[4]Is it possible to find someone gullible enough to buy a microwaved SGS3?
Answer: Since it hasn't sold yet, this is a hard one to answer. It is a distinct possibility that someone with more money than sense might just bite on this.
[5]How crazy do you have to be to spend $2,012 dollars on a microwaved SGS3?
Answer: Very! More than likely, if a person is willing to part with $2,012 dollars for a melted piece of junk, then their level of psychosis is likely through the roof!

This experiment answers quite a few questions, from scientific to sociological. Sadly, it doesn't provide any answers that will change the world and bring about infinite peace and prosperity. Regardless, at least we have a few minutes of entertainment this morning.

Disclaimer: the comments above are not meant to demean anyone, and are simply shared in jest with the same spirit of the video which inspired them... and we really love the mad scientist machine in the backyard!

Source: eBay