Supposedly, some preliminary benchmarks for the new NVIDIA Tegra 4 have leaked out, and while the performance seems excellent, it surprisingly lags behind the A6X chip that is in the current (4th) gen iPad. What the GL_Benchmark results pic above shows is the Dalmore, which is one of the two current Tegra 4 evaluation boards sent to developers. Of course, the curious devs decided to take the new hardware for a spin, and found the less than amazing results you see above. Here's a quote with some additional detail,

The GLBenchmark results you see here were achieved using Dalmore, which is one of the two Tegra 4 evaluation boards that select developers get to play with. Android 4.2.1 was installed on it, and the display used during testing had a resolution of 1920 by 1128 pixels, as reported by the app. The Tegra 4 chip ran at a maximum clock speed of over 1.8GHz.

As we mentioned above, the Tegra 4 scored well, but couldn't quite get to the score reached by the fourth-generation iPad and its A6X system-on-a-chip. For example, while the former got an average of 32.6 fps on Egypt HD Offscreen running at 1080p, the iPad 4 managed to run the same test at 49.6 fps on average.
It's probably important to note that this is just a reference board, and not a final optimized smartphone or tablet, so it is possible that some additional performance will be squeezed out with final shipping devices. Still, will performance tweaks and efficiency optimizations really make up for that much of a deficit? Feel free to check out more benchmark details at the source link below, then come back and share your thoughts.

Source: PhoneArena