We have no problem calling this latest rumor bogus right off the bat. Supposedly, Samsung will launch the Galaxy Note III sometime in the fall, and it will come with a 6.3-inch display. Although we have seen an obvious trend toward larger devices, and we don't doubt the possibility that Samsung would create a 6.3-inch device, the idea that one of their newest success stories would suddenly be transformed into a hulking bloated whale is ludicrous. A 6.3-inch device is just over a half-inch in size away from a full-blown tablet! That's just silly!

More than likely, if Samsung is coming out with a gargantuan device like this, it will be a new spin-off with a completely different name. Also, they will likely market it first in Asia where these larger devices have seen the most success. For the sake of thoroughness, it should also be shared that this "non-G-Note 3" device will supposedly come with Samsung's new eight-core Exynos chip. We would not be surprised at all to find this chip in the next G-Note device, and we suspect it will also show up in the actual G-Note 3 (that will likely have another 5.5-inch display).

At any rate, if they do come out with this "ultra-phablet/almost tablet" monstrosity under a spin-off name, what sort of name might it actually have? Speculation leads the imagination to wander in multiple directions. The first thing which immediately comes to mind might be the "Samsung Galaxy Note Elephantine."

Take note of this... you heard it here first! {sarcasm and pun fully intended}.

Source: Androidandme