Google has a new patent application in process that may shed light on the future of Project Glass. Apparently, one of the control mechanisms they are working on for the previously named "Google Goggles" is a laser-projected UI that would show up on your hand or arm. As you can see from the pics both above and below, the concept is quite intriguing, and uses a combination of a laser-projection system on one side of the glasses, while using a camera on the other side to pick up the inputs.

Their new invention can work as either a numeric keypad or a full-blown QWERTY keyboard when required. Additionally, the've even figured out a clever way of making the conventional numeric keypad work as a pointer-style UI for the average work. There's no word on how far along this interface is in the development stages, but hopefully, some lucky devs will be able to share some of the details with the world at the end of the month.

What do you think of this potential innovation?

Source: UnWiredView