The strangest thing seems to have occurred. Apparently, in December of 2012 LG surpassed Apple and gained second place in the US phone market, behind Samsung in first. We must preface this story with the very relevant point that this marketing data from Hong Kong based research firm, Counterpoint Research, is using total sales of mobile devices, including feature phones, not just smartphones. This obviously skews the data in an unfair direction. Still, the numbers are intriguing since it means that over-all, they sold less devices than LG, and point to a future for Apple that is similar to their past. Here's a quote with the details,

According to the Hong Kong-based research firm, Samsung was number one in December of last year by grabbing 33% of the market share. Coming in at second and third place as mentioned were LG and Apple with 13% and 12%, respectively. Completing the top 5 list were Motorola, 9%, and HTC, 8%.
What do you guys think? Are these numbers relevant? Do you think Apple should be worried about LG now as well as Samsung?

Source: AndroidAuthority