We have another monster-mashup of rumors for the upcoming Samsung Galaxy S IV. We'll just make it easy and break them down bullet-point style!

  1. The new SGS4 will have a 4.99-inch 440ppi Full HD Super AMOLED display - this new display panel will use hexagonal and diamond-shaped pixel layouts, instead of the typical squares. This will pack more pixels into the display. This new layout will eventually allow Samsung to stretch smaller screens beyond the 440ppi level as well. ~ TechCrunch
  2. Our next rumor suggests that the official launch timeframe of the new SGS4 will officially launch in March. This coincides with some previous rumors suggesting this possibility. ~ UnWiredView
  3. The final bit of intel we have to share this morning is supposedly the final pictured version of the new SGS4. As you can see above, it is compared to an SGS3, and is slightly larger. It also has an April 22 date on it, which you could infer discredits the previous rumor of a March release. Then again, perhaps the end of March is when we will see the product officially unveiled, and then its ship date might be April 22nd. Of course, it could also just be a fake, so who knows? ~ BGR

Regardless of which rumors turn out to be accurate, it sure is exciting to follow. For anyone looking to upgrade this year, It will be a tough choice between all of the amazing phones coming out. What devices are you most looking forward to?