We have some hot news this morning. Google's CEO, Larry Page made some comments during the company's fourth quarter earnings call last night. Many in the industry are speculating he was hinting at the rumored Motorola X Phone. Further, if he is talking about the next X Phone, it will supposedly be "unbreakable" and come with a strong battery life. Here is a quote that includes those comments,

Twice during today’s earnings call, Google executives emphasized that when the company bought Motorola, Motorola already had a 12 to 18 month “product pipeline” in the works, which Google is still “working through.” Google could have shut down Motorola’s work on existing handsets, but that would have involved bigger short- and long-term losses than the company was apparently willing to take. It also means that all of the devices that Motorola has released since it was acquired were already in the works, and the same is likely to be true until at least spring of this year. (A good example is the Motorola Motogo! phone, which looks like a dated BlackBerry and doesn’t even run Android.)

Rumors have already circulated that Google will reveal a Motorola-built “X Phone” and “X Tablet” at its next developer’s conference, which is scheduled for May 15-17, 2013.

In today’s call, Google CEO Larry Page said that “In today’s multi screen world, the opportunities are endless… battery life is a huge issue… when you drop your phone it shouldn’t go splat. There’s a real potential to invent new and better experiences.” Page also mentioned phone recharging as a pain point for people. This is speculation, but the obvious interpretation of these comments is that Google is working on—or at least thinking about—phones with extra long battery life, some kind of novel (perhaps wireless) recharging capability, and a case that won’t break when the phone is dropped. (Which is possibly a reference to earlier rumors about Google’s X Phone using an extra-hard case that incorporates ceramics.)
As you can see, there was nothing overtly concrete pointing toward this being the rumored X Phone. Still, his comments do seem to hint at the first Motorola/Google smartphone partnership. What do you guys think? Was he referring to the fabled X Phone?

Source: Quartz