Samsung just filed trademarks on some intriguing new concepts. They are called, Eye Scroll & Eye Pause. The industry speculation is these ideas are an extension of a feature that is already included in the new SGS3, called "Smart Stay." If you haven't seen it, it basically keeps your phone's display from fading out while the camera sees yours eyes staring at it. While no specific details about Eye Scroll & Eye Pause are currently known, it's not hard to imagine what they do. Eye Pause will likely pause a video when the phone detects you have looked away, and Eye Scroll might scroll your screen or your browser based upon how long you look at a specific place on the display.

At this time all we have to go on is just a trademark filing, so there is no telling on when/if these features will actually come to our devices. It's even possible Samsung has already worked out the kinks and we may see these features with the new SGS4. Of course, as image recognition software continues to evolve, eventually many of our devices will likely get features just like this. What do you think of these ideas?

Source: SamMobile