We have some intriguing Samsung news to tantalize your curiosity this fine Monday morning. Apparently, a UAProf (User Agent Profile) for a Samsung phone just showed up in the wild with some curious specs and an even more curious model name. First, the phone has a 1080p display, and since no Samsung phone currently has a 1080p display, this must be something new. Also, within the UAProf there are some other indictors that it might be an AT&T device. Finally, the model name was listed as SGH-i337. This looks remarkably like h4x0r speak for I337 (otherwise known as "leet" or "Elite.")

Obviously, this could be a remarkable coincidence, but based upon all the evidence, current speculation pegs this phone to be the AT&T version of the Samsung Galaxy S IV. Of course, this is all just speculation, and it could turn out to be a completely new phone from Samsung. For the most part industry intel has suggested the new SGS4 will be broadly launched under the GT-i9500 moniker. What do you think?

The pic above is a small snippet of the overall UAProf which can be found, here.

Source: PhanDroid