Between their botched press relations with developers and overly grandiose statements of market hubris, it's been easy lately to be disappointed with HTC. Also, their reluctance to create a phone with a decent sized battery has been a frustrating problem for years. Still, many of their devices are both aesthetically pleasing, and boast remarkable performance and design characteristics, so we probably shouldn't rush to crucify them.

There are many folks in the Android community who are still big fans of HTC, and would like to see them start making wiser decisions and become successful again. In fact, it would likely be a good thing overall for Android if they made a comeback and cleaned up their act, because it would continue to spur growth and competition. To that end, we thought we would share a couple of things going on with HTC today.

First up, they are getting ready to hold two big press launch events simultaneously on February 19th. The events will be held in London and New York. There has been no peep as to what will be unveiled, but we suspect it will likely be the HTC M7. Speaking of the M7, the second thing we wanted to share is a video that was made available on the Internet yesterday from ETradeSupply. The video is of the front and back panel of the new M7, and we thought it would be intriguing to share with you (above).

What do you guys think? If HTC were finally to unveil an impressive device with a decent sized battery could you get excited about them again?