The product image above is for an older unveiling, but it seemed appropriate as a teaser, so we included it!

So far, the mythical Motorola X Phone has been nothing but an amalgamation of phantom rumors and innuendo. For all we knew it could have been an elaborate hoax, but some exciting new info just came to light and it all but confirms the existence of the device. Motorola themselves posted a job listing on LinkedIn for a Senior Director of Product Management to work directly on the X Phone project. Here's a partial quote from the listing, along with a source link below that,

Sr Director Product Managment, X-Phone

Job Description

Next Generation SmartPhone Platform
Scope of Responsibility/Expectation:
Motorola Mobility, owned by Google, is breaking through the barriers that separate people from the things they love. We’re designing technology that connects seamlessly so consumers have the best content at their fingertips, every second of every day. TV, talk, text, email and web surfing – we’re putting people at the center of it all. It’s what we call a Motorola Powered future and we’re making the devices that do more, so people can do more.
While this is obviously exciting news, it is also is a bit of a mystery. If you read the full description, it seems as if the product is barely off the ground, which is contrary to the numerous rumors of a mid-year launch. This would be a bit disappointing, because it would mean the X Phone might not come out until later on toward the end of the year. Still, the concept is awesome, so even if it shows up later it could still shake up the industry.

Sidebar: Here's an interesting theory... what if there never really was an X Phone, and it was just a crazy cool fan idea. But, because so much buzz has been built up over this lone idea, Motorola and Google decided to jump on it as an opportunity. That would mean the Android community created a self-fulfilling prophecy! Just food for thought...

Source: LinkedIn