We have a new rumor for the Samsung Galaxy S IV that hails from the land of Kiwis and Hobbits. Details of an internal raffle contest for a mobile retailer in New Zealand have supposedly leaked out. The details of the contest lead to the possible conclusion that the SGS4 will be available there by April 8th or shortly thereafter. This is because the contest will end by then, and one of the prizes is the aforementioned smartphone. Here's a quote with some of the details,

The raffle is aimed to be a sales incentive, and runs until April 8, which goes to show that we can expect the Galaxy S IV to hit the shelves some time after the first week of April.

Adding more water to this rumor mill is a separate tip from a UK retailer that the Samsung Galaxy S IV is scheduled to launch 15-22 that month, or in the third week of April.

If it turns out to be a legitimate leak, we could see the SGS4 before the summer! Sound off if your contract is up around then and you are thinking about grabbing this phone.

Source: PhoneArena