Samsung is truly pulling out all the stops when it comes to promoting their products while indirectly poking fun at Apple. Their newest commercial features the actors Bob Odenkirk, Seth Rogen & Paul Rudd. The concept of the commercial is that Seth & Paul have been hired to create a pre-teaser ad for the upcoming Samsung ad that will be featured at the Super Bowl. But, of course, things wouldn't be funny if it weren't more complicated than that, and hilarity ensues....

Interestingly, while the comedy in this add doesn't directly or even indirectly reference Apple in any way, and in fact is really focused more on "the Big Game," the subtle irony is not lost within the Android community.

Incidentally, as a side-note, this ad was apparently directed by Jon Favreau, which is the same guy who directed the first two Iron Man films.

Source: SamsungMobileUSA