One of our awesome forum members & Rescue Squad folks, Grenefroggie, sent us this cool "white-paper-style" article on the future our our wireless networks. Since 2011 we have been sharing tidbits about the next generation of LTE, which is called Advanced LTE. Ironically, Advanced LTE actually fits the moniker of 4G beter than current technology does. Technically, the ITU defines 4G as needing to be 100 Mbps or better, and that is exactly where LTE Advanced starts and goes up from there.

In the article that we have linked below, a great number if fascinating historical and technical factors for the technology are explored. Furthermore, if the article itself is not technical enough for you, then you can find several links to actual "white paper" write-ups scattered throughout. It's definitely worth a few minutes or more of your time, especially if you are curious to see what the next step in wireless internet will bring.

Thanks for the tip, Grenefroggie! And, thanks for helping it get to me, UltraDroid & CR6!