Another few days go by and another Motorola X Phone rumor hits the web. Today's newest tasty morsel of intel seems to both confirm and refute some of the previous rumors. For the most part, it is likely that this new intel is "suspect" at the very least, but that doesn't make it any less intriguing. Here's a quick-blast,
  • Kevlar Chassis (seems a safe bet considering Larry Page's recent statements)
  • Huge Battery (ditto above)
  • 4.8" Display (this is contrary to earlier "rumint" suggesting a 5-inch display, but it wouldn't surprise us if it were true)
  • Included microSD Card Slot (this is a bit contrary to Google's MO, but would follow Moto procedures, so we are hoping for this one)
  • Sony Exmor RS Camera Sensor (this one rides the fence on credibility... on the one hand, Moto has never gone that far toward their competitors for their hardware, yet on the other, they have been hammered for having a mediocre camera for far too long)

Finally, the source of this intel claims they were able to actively use a prototype of the device for several hours of a roadtrip with the GPS constantly on. This bodes well for the large battery theory, although it is not really surprising. Of course, we hope with every fiber of our being that many of these ideas are true (especially the camera and microSD slot). If so, the X Phone could easily be the best smartphone of the year, or at least hold its own against everything else available, including the vaunted Samsung Galaxy S IV.

So far, we've already received a ton of intel on this new device, with varying degrees of credulity, yet only three things stand out as the most accurate. One: we know the phone exists because of the LinkedIn job posting. Two & three: we know it will likely have a strong battery and be made of damage resistant materials, (at least if we can reliably believe Larry Page's own comments on the matter).

As far as the rest of it is concerned, only time will tell, at least up until the final reveal of the device. Either way, the X Phone reminds us of the titular character, "Racer X," from the old-school Anime series Speed Racer. He was aloof, mysterious, powerful and intriguing. That pretty much sums up the Motorola X Phone, and is the reason it could be the most hotly anticipated smartphone of 2013.

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Source: PhoneArena