We aren't sure how many folks would actually take advantage of this offer, unless they really needed the savings, but the online mobile retailer, LetsTalk has the T-Mobile version of the Google Nexus 4 in stock, and you can grab it for $76.49 on contract. Obviously, if you can wait for it to be in stock, getting it unlocked off of the Google Play Store for $300 is likely a better option in the long run. Still, if you don't care about a contract, or just need to save the money, then this is a pretty amazing deal.

When you go to the website link you will notice that the price is listed as $84.99; however, if you use the code “TALK4TEN” at checkout you can get another 10% off which results in the $76.49 price. It's important to note that this particular pricing is for a new contract. Contract renewals are price differently. Here's a link below if you want to take advantage of this offer.

Source: LetsTalk