OUYA CEO Julie Uhrman recently shared the OUYA console will have a development cycle very similar to the smartphone world, and come out with a new one every year. Their plan is to release an updated version for the same $99 dollar price each year, rather than try to create a whole new console from scratch. Here's a quote with some additional detail,

Uhrman said that the updated yearly consoles will “take advantage of faster, better processors,” thanks to the decline of component prices every year. However, it seems that the yearly console will get a naming scheme instead of simply remaining the “OUYA.” Uhrman says that each new console will be the “OUYA 2,” OUYA 3,” and so on.

However, Uhrman assures gamers that all games will be compatible with all the consoles, meaning that you don’t have to worry about an older game not working on a newer console.
Current speculation suggests the next-gen OUYA 2 for 2014 will come with the NVIDIA Tegra 4 instead of the Tegra 3 of the current model. What do you guys think of this? If we had to buy a new Playstation or Xbox every year, most of us would scream, but those cost far more than the OUYA. Do you think it would be worth $100 bucks a year to have your gaming console enhanced and upgraded each year? Share your perspective.

Source: OUYAForums.com via SlashGear