Is it Android taking over the world or is it Samsung? A new report from marketing research firm, Localytics, suggests that the Samsung brand is becoming more prolific than Android. In fact, in their recent study, Samsung held 8 of the top 10 Android devices in use globally, and the SGS3 was in the number one spot. Here's a full quote from the Localytics post,

Android has a new top device, and to nobodyís surprise itís another variant of the Samsung Galaxy. The Samsung Galaxy S III took over the top spot in January from its older brother, the Samsung Galaxy S II, and Samsungís place as the dominant Android device maker continued: of the top 10 Android devices in January, eight were made by Samsung, and seven were some variant of Samsung Galaxy.

Only Amazonís Kindle Fire and Motorolaís Droid RAZR managed to crack Samsungís stranglehold on the top 10. In fact during January, Samsung as a whole made up 47% of Android devices worldwide. This is nothing new, however, as Samsung accounted for 47% of Android devices in December, 2012, and 48% in November.

Itís interesting to note that despite their overall Android dominance, Samsung does not hold the number one spot for Android tablets; that honor goes to the Amazon Kindle Fire, which accounts for 37% of all Android tablets, the vast majority being US-based. After Decemberís huge growth in Android tablets, the Fireís successes may show why Samsungís share of total Android devices is holding rather than growing.

Localytics provides analytics and marketing tools for mobile app developers and marketers. Data for this study reflects all devices worldwide seen by apps with Localytics integrations, and covers the full month of January, 2013.

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What do you guys think of this study? Is Samsung getting so big they might start to overshadow everything? Could they pose a serious threat to even Android itself?

Source: Localytics