News for the big flagship phones is coming in a big wave today. We've seen teasers and tidbits for the HTC M7, the LG Optimus G Pro and the Motorola X Phone. Now it's Sony's turn. They just shared three videos showcasing water and dust torture tests for their new flagship, the Xperia Z. Of course, the phone passes through the gauntlet without a scratch. Although this is a little gimmicky, it's still very impressive nonetheless. How many high-end flagship phones can you name that have the same qualities? None, is the correct answer. There are a few Android phones that could follow in the Xperia Z's example, but they are definitely not high-end. The first one that comes to mind is a Casio model, and it had mediocre internal specs even for its time.

We shared one of the videos above, but here is a link to all three of them: Sony Xperia Z Torture Videos

Those videos aren't the only Xperia Z news this morning. Sticking with their new tradition of trying to support developers better, Sony has already released the kernel source code for the phone. The phone itself won't even be hitting retail stores internationally for a few weeks, which means Sony is really on the ball with this one. We can't help but give Sony big props for this. The race to be the first big Android manufacturer to truly compete with Samsung is on. It certainly seems like Sony is taking it seriously.

Source: XDA