After finding this amazing new project over on Kickstarter, we just had to share it. A company called Evolutive Labs is developing a new transparent cover for our mobile device displays that goes far beyond protecting them from just scratches. It's called Rhino Shield and it aims to protect the display on our smartphones and tablets from heavy impact, including being dropped or hit with a hammer!

Here's a brief tidbit of their product description,

What is Rhino Shield

RhinoShield is a patent pending and custom formulated polymer created by our team. This polymer offers extraordinary impact absorption and excellent transparency. Rhino Shield is designed to be used in conjunction with the any case, or on its own.

Thin and Transparent is just Rhino Shield appearance. Silky smooth is its skin texture.

Impact Resistance Our specially designed shock-absorption layer can oppose many types of impacts. Any scenario that you may encounter in your everyday lives.
The bottom line is their product adds a layer of shock and impact protection that anyone would be glad to have, even if you rarely drop your device. Be sure to hit up the source link below to see their video demonstration and pledge some funds if you are so inclined. Hopefully it will live up to its promise and get bought up by a large scale manufacturer.

Source: Kickstarter - Rhino Shield