We have a couple of awesome demonstration videos for you guys today from NVIDIA. The first one above showcases several different new technologies from the company at their MWC 2013 booth. We get to see a wide range of stuff, like the Project Shield device, their GRID Cloud Gaming service, some live 4K video streaming and more! The second video below is a comparison and contrast video showing the impressive dynamic lighting and shadowing differences for the Tegra 4 versus a non-Tegra 4 device.

The above video is of a game called Zombie Driver, and it is just one of several new games that have joined the ranks of games with graphical optimizations specifically for the Tegra 4. Here's a quick list of these new games,
  • Burn Zombie Burn
  • Carie: Blood Mansion
  • CODEX: The Warrior
  • Dead on Arrival 2
  • RU Golf
  • Zombie Driver

NVIDIA is really kicking things up a notch or two in the graphics department. Their new technology is poised to take mobile gaming to whole new level! When you think about it, moving this fast and hard into mobile gaming is a brilliant move on their part. While Qualcomm and Samsung focus on just making faster processors, NVIDIA is focusing on improving graphics and networking mobile tech with home tech. They are betting on a future where mobile gaming and home gaming are integrated, and they want to be the first ones there.