We have a triple blast of Samsung goodies for you guys this morning! First up, Samsung shared this official first "glimpse" of the Galaxy S IV on the Samsung Facebook page. While it is dark and doesn't reveal much, it seems to confirm the general shape of the device. It certainly seems to fit with the previous leaked pics of the device. The color seems to be similar to the Pebble Blue of the SGS3, and in fact, it doesn't seem that much different than the SGS3. Of course, we will have to reserve judgement until we see the final product.

But wait! Here's part two of the story today. As you can see above in the video found on GSMArena, we may already know what the final product looks like. This video is supposedly of the same Chinese version of the device that was leaked yesterday. The video includes some tech specs of the device as well. We find out that it has a hot-swappable microSD slot and a 2600 mAh battery. Plus, it has an 8mm thickness, which is a tad thinner than the 8.6mm SGS3. Overall, the new SGS4 (assuming this is legit) isn't a dramatic departure from the previous model. That might be a bit disappointing to some, but the counter-argument is that Samsung's aesthetic design has been working well for them so far, so why change it up too much?

Finally, part three of the story isn't nearly as exciting, but still worth sharing. Samsung has continued feeding the hype-beast by having a flash-mob artistic dance performed at Times Square in New York City. They are obviously amping up excitement for the big reveal on Thursday. The question remains... are they going a bit overboard, or hitting all the right notes? Share your thoughts on Samsung's advertising blitz.

Thanks to all of our tipsters who sent these in!