We have a couple of intriguing tidbits to share regarding the new flagship, the HTC One. First up, their new BoomSound feature for the device is shockingly good, especially for a smartphone. The device includes two speakers for Stereo sound, but the Beats Audio enhancement for it also takes things a step further. The above video offers an excellent presentation of the new audio enhancement technology from HTC, and the results speak for themselves. We've never seen/heard a smartphone with audio quality this powerful and clear before. Obviously, sound quality is rather subjective in many regards, so we will let you hear and judge it for yourself so you too can be amazed.

The second morsel of intel about the phone came out yesterday. Apparently, the HTC One, despite not having a very large battery (2300 mAh) posts some impressive battery usage results. As you can see in the pic above, it bested the Nexus 4, the SGS3 and the iPhone 5 in 3G talk time with a ridiculous 16.8 hours! Even more impressive was its video playback results of 8 hours and 32 minutes. These are fantastic numbers and even rival some tablets! Could it be that our fears and misgivings about small batteries are simply a misconception in some instances? Perhaps hardware and software efficiency tweaks really are enough to make up for a smaller battery. The new HTC one seems to be living proof of that.

Maybe HTC's problem isn't their batteries but simply an image problem from the past they can't shake. Admittedly, sometimes their support has been weak, but they have been working to correct that. They also really need to step up their game in advertising.

The HTC One could be more of a game-changer than people are giving it credit for. While the rest of the industry is so focused on the launch of the Samsung Galaxy S IV, it's entirely possible a better (or at least worthy) competitor is already about to hit the streets at the end of March. It's a gorgeous device, with impecable battery life, amazing sound quality, a beautiful 468ppi display and ultra-smooth performance. What more could you want in a phone?

Update: We also have word that some leaked bluetooth docs strongly suggest the HTC One will actually be coming to Verizon as well as the other major U.S. carriers. ~ MobilenApps

Source: AndroidAuthority