Droid Incredible Rooting/ Unrooting/ Flashing ROMs Tutorials

This is a discussion on Droid Incredible Rooting/ Unrooting/ Flashing ROMs Tutorials within the Android Rooting forums, part of the Android Development category; Let's start with rooting: Rooting stock 2.2 using unrEVOked 3.3 There are 2 main steps: installing drivers and running the unrEVOked 3.3 flash tool. THIS ...

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Thread: Droid Incredible Rooting/ Unrooting/ Flashing ROMs Tutorials

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    Droid Incredible Rooting/ Unrooting/ Flashing ROMs Tutorials

    Let's start with rooting:

    Rooting stock 2.2 using unrEVOked 3.3
    There are 2 main steps: installing drivers and running the unrEVOked 3.3 flash tool.


    If installing on Mac OS: No driver needed. Skip to Step 2.

    In Windows:
    1. Download and install unrEVOked modified USB Driver here: http://unrevoked.com/rootwiki/lib/ex...usb-driver.zip
    2. Uninstall HTC Sync, DoubleTwist, and DropBox from the PC. They can be reinstalled later if you desire, but for now they've got to go.
    3. Download and unzip the file (from the link above), leaving the folder Android USB Driver somewhere like on your desktop
    4. Unplug your phone from USB
    5. Power down your phone
    6. Now simultaneously press the volume DOWN button and the power button, holding till the HBOOT screen appears
    7. Now connect the USB cable between the phone and your PC
    8. The word HBOOT (blue box with white letters) will change to HBOOT USB PLUG
    9. Look at your Windows Device Manager (to open Device Manager, right click My Computer, select Manage..., select the Device Manager) and see if you already have Android Phone listed for HBOOT as shown in one of the images in the link below. If you see the Android Phone, you're ready to root and can skip the rest of this. Otherwise, you do not have HBOOT-capable drivers, and you need to install them. Windows should be looking for drivers now. At this point things may differ between XP and Vista/7.

    In XP: the New Hardware Found Wizard should appear. Tell it NOT to use Windows Update, and moving along, tell it to look in a specified location. It will pop up a file open dialog. Navigate to the Android USB Driver folder, click OK then click Next.

    In Windows Vista/ Windows 7: You might not see the New Hardware Found Wizard. Open the Device Manager (Right click My Computer, select Manage, then select the Device Manager). You will see an Android Phone node in the tree with a "caution" icon node beneath it. Right click on the caution-marked node and select Update Driver. Select NOT to look in Windows Update; instead, choose Install from a specified location. It will pop up a file open dialog. Navigate to the Android USB Driver folder, click OK, then click Next.

    Complete driver instruction list (including pictures): public:windows_hboot_driver_install [RootWiki]

    STEP 2: FLASHING THE unrEVOked 3.3 TOOL (note- website just says unrEVOked 3 even though you're actually using version 3.3. Don't be alarmed/ confused.)
    1. Start phone in normal mode
    2. Enable USB Debugging (Settings, Applications, Development).
    3. Enable Unknown Sources (Settings, Applications at the top).
    4. Enable USB "Ask Me" mode (Settings, Connect to PC).
    5. Plug in the USB cable and choose Charge Only on the phone. On the Mac you may get an error about not being able to mount, click Ignore.
    6. On Windows (only), open the Device Manager and verify that you see "Android for ADB"
    7. Get the reflash rooting tool from unrEVOked (3.3) here: unrevoked3 recovery reflash tool, v3.32 (Choose the right OS! )
    8. Run Reflash on the PC/Mac/Linux system.

    If you did everything right, and if your phone is a stock 2.2 Incredible, Reflash will come up and start the rooting process.

    Be patient! The process involves several (4) reboots and some long periods of apparent inactivity. Let it go. Wait for at least 5 minutes before deciding it has become stuck.

    How to know it worked:
    Once the Reflash process completes (5 or so minutes), unplug USB and reboot the phone. It will look normal. Open the App tray and look for the Superuser app. The app details will be blank- that's entirely normal and what is to be expected. For final confirmation, reboot the phone into HBOOT and see if it says S-OFF at the top. If so, you're rooted!

    Okay, I lied (sorry!)- one more step to go.

    STEP 3: UPDATING RECOVERY IMAGE AND CREATING A NANDROID BACKUP (complete backup of the phone in case anything goes awry later):
    NOTE: You'll already be in HBOOT (if you followed the instructions above to verify that root was successful) so do the backup now.
    1. While in HBOOT, use the volume buttons to navigate down to RECOVERY and press the Power button. The phone will appear to reboot but it will end up in the ClockWorkMod recovery screen.
    2. From now on use the trackball on the Incredible to scroll through options. Move to Backup and Restore, then select. This will show the Backup and Restore menu.
    3. Move to and select Backup to begin the process, which will take a few minutes.
    4. When the backup completes (several minutes- patience!) press the power button to return to the main ClockWorkMod menu
    5. Navigate to Reboot System, go.
    6. The phone should reboot into normal mode once backup is completed. Enjoy your phone!

    BEFORE YOU MAKE ANY OTHER MODIFICATIONS TO YOUR PHONE (such as flashing ROMs, kernels, etc.) please do lots of research so you know what you're getting into, which options work best for you, etc.

    UnrEVOked 3.3 is an all-in-one tool; YOU DO NOT NEED TO RUN UNREVOKED FOREVER after rooting.
    Security is turned off (S-off) by default when using this tool on the Incredible so there is nothing more that needs to be done.

    credit and huge thanks go to Bob Denny and unrEVOked
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    On to unrooting: How to get back to complete stock from s-off

    It is best to have a full charge or leave the phone plugged in during this process. Having the battery die while the device is updating would be less than desirable.

    First step is to get s-on. Download this file: http://dougpiston.com/files/S-on/unr...orever-son.zip and flash through clockwork recovery.
    **(Note s-on does not work on radio If you have radio please flash this file: http://dougpiston.com/files/Radios/P... through Hboot first.)


    Now that you have s-on you can flash the 2.2 RUU with Hboot. To do this you must have your SD card formatted to FAT32.
    1. Place the file below on the root of your sd card after you renamed it to PB31IMG. (Root means not in any folders).
    2. Boot into hboot. To boot into Hboot, power off the device and reboot it while pressing the vol- and the power at the same time. The phone will then look for the file and ask if you would like to accept it.
    3. Select yes and leave the phone alone until it asks if you would like to reboot.
    4. Select yes and enjoy your stock phone.

    3.26 Build
    MD5: 31BB1611A0FA8197D447C0438426717E


    If you are having trouble getting the PB31IMG to flash then you can use the RUU to push the file from your computer. It is for Windows only and you'll need to have HTC sync installed.

    HTC sync can be found here: HTC Mobile Phone Support - DROID INCREDIBLE by HTC (Verizon) - Downloads

    Once you have that installed you can run the RUU from your computer. Just follow the instructions along the way.

    RUU: http://dougpiston.com/files/RUU/RUU_...016_signed.exe

    credit goes to doug piston and berzerker7 (from xda)
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    oh la la

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    Ok ready for this party? Lets begin. This will be how to flash roms through the recovery screen. I felt Rom Manager was pretty self explanatory but if there is requests I can make the same type of thing for it.

    So here it is. this is what your recovery screen looks like.

    You will see options for
    *reboot system now |This will reboot the device|
    *apply sdcard:update.zip |You will probably never use|
    *wipe data/factory reset |Use before you flash any new rom|
    *wipe cache partition |Use before you flash any new rom|
    *install zip from sdcard |This will be the option we use to install roms|
    *backup and restore |This for backing up and restoring backups|
    *mounts and storage |For mounting the /system or USB mass storage|
    *advanced |where you can wipe the Dalvik if you please|

    Now onto the steps for flashing. First we will wipe the data/factory reset. You will see it highlighted in the next screen shot. To select it press your trackball.

    Next we will wipe the cache partition. Still highlighted in the next screen. Preform the action like before by pressing the trackball.

    Next we are going to apply the new rom. To do this select the install zip from sdcard. Highlighted below.

    The next option would be to select chose zip from sd card.

    Then you will select your rom from the sd card. I had Ruby on my sd card at the time so I will show you that.

    Once you have selected the rom you will get to the conformation page. Select yes in the sea of no's

    Once that is done you have successfully flashed your rom. All that is left now is to reboot the device. You will see that as the first option of the main screen of recovery.

    Hope this helps some of you.

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    Nice guide guys! Just a quick tip, for anyone who updated to, it's broken and does a horrible job of backing up/restoring. If you already updated to, and are using an SLCD, you should use the recovery. I had it saved on my computer and uploaded it to mediafire. This is meant for slcd users who have unrevoked 3.3/slcd users with clockwork. If you have amoled you can just flash an older version of clockwork from Rom manager.

    1. Connect phone to USB, make sure HTC Sync, Dropbox isn't installed as Enlightened stated above
    2. Open unrevoked. When it pops up the disclaimer window with the OK button, DO NOT PRESS OK. Unplug your phone.
    3. Press OK.
    4. Click file, custom recovery. Select the recovery.img I provided
    5. Plug in your phone
    6. Unrevoked should now be pushing Clockwork Recovery v. to your phone. It'll reboot and may look like it's doing nothing multiple times, so just keep being patient until it's done.

    Download: recovery.img
    Droid Incredible Owner - Droidforums.net Rescue Squad Member

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    Yours is the best how-to I've found - thanks. Worked flawlessly with my DInc.

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    Need help

    My phone has been stuck in a boot loop, I'm getting the Verizon replacement but I'd like to return this with factory settings so that I don't get charged. I was able to bring the radio to 7.28 but can't put s-on because I can't access clockwork recovery, only hboot. Please help if you can. Thanks!


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    Further clarification

    None of the options in hboot work...they just all go back to the boot loop. My understanding is I should be able to access clockwork recovery through the 'recovery' option...is there a way around this? When I access hboot, it DOES look for a few files, that's how I was able to switch the radio back. Is there a PN31IMG file that will get me to clockwork and then s-on?

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    Hopefully someone more familiar with the Incredible than I am will be able to help you fix the problem, but all I can suggest is you look at doug piston and see if you can find a file that fits your needs. Good luck and don't give up! I'm sure someone will be along in the next few hours.

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    market fail

    Hey, im trying to unroot my phone and tried to download the http://dougpiston.com/files/RUU/buil...00_PB31IMG.zip but it is unavailable. anyone know where i can get it?

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