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    [Droid X Guide] Undervolting Guide

    Undervolting (noob friendly)
    This is a guide to help anyone who is interesting in undervolting their phone.
    *You must be rooted to undervolt your device*

    What is undervolting?
    It is simply lowering the voltage to conserve power while still achieving the same performance, assuming your settings are stable.

    What are the benefits of undervolting?
    -Less energy consumption (better battery life)
    -Less thermal output

    Is undervolting safe?
    -If the values are stable, then yes.

    How to undervolt?
    Well, thanks to great developers and their apps, this can be done utilizing the right app. I recommend using Droid Overclock by jrummy16. It is an excellent app that allows to you set scaling frequencies and their respective voltages along with other nice little extras.

    How to determine what voltages to set each frequency?

    Well, there are two ways to do this; an easy method and a manual method (not necessarily hard but more time consuming).

    The Easy Method
    Download the app QuickClock. It includes a calculator that calculates the voltages for you. Major props JPApps for creating this app. This app is recommended for anyone who is reluctant to experiment with voltages on their own, or who just doesn't want to invest time in the manual method. Even though, this app does the calculations for you, running tests just to make sure everything is stable is recommended to ensure stability. See stability tests below.

    The Manual Method
    This method is for those of you who just have to experiment, test, tweak, and customize everything for yourself. For this method, Droid Overclock by jrummy16 highly recommended. However, there are other apps that can be used to undervolt, so you are not limited to just this one. However, it is the one that was used for this guide.

    To begin, here are the stock settings:
    300MHz 33 vsel
    600MHz 48 vsel
    800MHz 58 vsel
    1000MHz 62 vsel

    OK, now some of you are wondering, what the hell is vsel?
    Simply put, it determines the voltage for that particular scaling point.

    NOTE: In searching for the perfect settings, you may experience freezes at random times. Don't get scared. When the phone freezes, just do a battery pull or simply wait for it to restart itself.

    -Recommended: Start from the above frequencies and their respective vsel.
    -Not Recommended: You may start from lower values if you so choose, but be cautious of starting too low.
    -Recommended: Lower the vsel in increments of two.
    -Not Recommended: You may lower the vsel in larger increments but doing so may prevent you from narrowing down the perfect settings for your phone.
    -Work with one frequency at a time. Therefore, if the phone freezes up, your problem should be immediately known.
    -After each incremental change, run stability tests to see if the voltage is stable. See stability test below.
    -Once you have lowered your vsel to the point when the phone freezes immediately, return to your previous vsel setting and run some more stability tests. If it remains stable, then this most likely the appropriate value for that frequency. If it doesn't remain stable, return to the vsel setting before that (simply add two if followed recommended guidelines) and run tests again.
    - CAUTION: Do not apply your settings on boot, which is tempting, until you have thoroughly tested out their stability (give it at least a week). If and when you do decide to apply settings on boot, make sure the time delay before they are applied is at least 90 seconds. Therefore, you always have the option to quickly go into the app, after the phone starts, and turn off the "apply on boot" feature.

    Stability Tests

    What is a stability test?
    Simply, it is a test to determine how stable your system is with the given settings.

    How do I perform them?
    Use CPU-intensive apps and daily activities as a measure for these tests.

    What is recommended for stability tests?
    -Daily activities. Just go about doing your daily activities.
    -Using flash in the web browser.
    -Quadrant tests. Running quadrant tests has been an good indicator of stability.
    -Camera. Take pictures and record video.
    -CPU-intensive games. The game Trap by Matt Wachowski has been an excellent indicator of stability. Just play the game. Its actually quite addicting.
    -Making calls. If you don't know who to call, call Verizon (611).

    How long should I run these tests?
    -Run them as long as you feel necessary. Of course, a few minutes is not a good indicator, but there is really not set time for how long you should do these tests. Just do them until you feel comfortable with the stability of your system.

    How will I know if my system is unstable?

    -If the phone feels sluggish or freezes multiple times, that is an indication of instability.
    -Force closes on apps that worked prior to change is also an indication of instability.
    -Basically, you know how your phone operates and you will know when and if it becomes unstable.

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