Just received a replacement EVO 4g, 2.3.3, and had my previous one rooted. It was very easy. Now I'm trying to root my new one and am running into issues. Revolutionary keeps getting stuck at "waiting for fastboot." I have deleted all programs which communicate with my phone via usb, have uninstalled and reinstalled the proper drivers and have downloaded revolutionary over 10 times in case I was getting a corrupt file. Usb debugging is off, fastboot option is un-ticked, and phone in charge only mode. I have attempted this about 35 times and am about to throw my phone and computer across the room. I'm using Vista and am opening revolutionary as "run as administrator." Also, when revolutionary reboots my phone into fastboot, my computer installs more device hardware, a bootloader interface, and then asks me to restart. I don't recall this happening when I rooted any other phone and I have rooted three different models before.

What am I missing?!?! Also, I have troubleshooted with rootzwiki and all forum threads I could find on the subject, nothing seems to be working.

Thanks so much in advance.