So far it seems like everyone but HTC has made an official tablet announcement in these early days of 2011. As such, we're reliant upon the rumor mills for every scrap of information we can get. So lean in close because the Chinese language Economic Daily has something to share. In a piece largely written about Pegatron, Economic Daily claims that HTC's 7-inch Android 2.3 tablet will ship in late Q1 (read: March, as we've heard earlier) with a new version of the HTC Sense UI. Our guess, is that HTC wants to get a tablet on the market now, rather than wait to customize Android 3.0 and have the Motorola Xoom and friends gobble up all the market share. The paper does mention two Android 3.0 tablets from HTC scheduled for 2011. Unfortunately, there's no word of the rumored "Flyer" brand name or whether those Honeycomb tablets will get the Sense treatment or not (we're guessing they will). Nevertheless, the Mobile World Congress event kicking off next week would be the perfect opportunity to make it all official, don't you think?

Ecomonic Daily