Rumor: HTC Revolver, An Android Smartphone Powered By Honeycomb Coming to AT&T?

HTC Revolver - A Honeycomb phone destined for AT&T?! | Android Central

The HTC Revolver, the fake image that has surfaced on Engadget, has been confirmed as fake. So many things don't fit in the picture released, and I'm not sure why info would be posted for a new device from a tipster seeing HTC didn't mention anything about this phone in their conference. The image of the phone is clearly a photo shopped version someone made- whether to generate hype for HTC or to start a conversation amongst Android users for what they would like to see on future devices.

There you have it folks.. visit the links.. it seemed to good to be true. The new HTC devices are pretty nice though + the tablet

Maybe in the future HTC will make something similar to the Revolver, it had nice specs.