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  1. UK Networks
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  3. Nexus One to have ATT version?
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  5. Will Google Nexus one offer substantial competition to Apple iPhone?
  6. Google Nexus One to Cost $530 Unlocked, $180 with T-Mobile
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  8. Nexus/Plan question for unsub phone.
  9. Status of invite rumor?
  10. Do you own the Nexus One already?
  11. Does it have GPS?
  12. languages support
  13. Can I just use my current SIM?
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  15. Xperia X10 or N1?
  16. HSDPA Question?
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  20. Nexus One Ticker
  21. Get Nexus on Release or Wait?
  22. If you have any Nexus One news, please email me
  23. Need your help... high quality Nexus One pictures.
  24. What's with the QR Code at the back of the Nexus One
  25. Who's getting a Nexus One
  26. Do you like the Nexus One Bootanimation?
  27. New logo... what do you think?
  28. UMA possible?
  29. Who has passed on the Droid?
  30. Would 3G work in Puerto Rico?
  31. Google Nexus One Hands On
  32. Nexus One Invite sale
  33. What happened to TheNexusOne.com
  34. When will the Nexus One be released?
  35. How much will the Nexus One retail for? (non contract)
  36. Nexus One Forum is on Twitter
  37. Google In Discussions To Acquire Yelp For A Half Billion Dollars Or More
  38. Will Google Release the Nexus One?
  39. Nexus One Google Phone Could Arrive On T-Mobile January 5
  40. The Google Phone/Nexus One Was (Briefly) In My Hand
  41. Google Picks Fights in OS, Apps, and Phones: What's Next?
  42. Could a new Google phone, the Nexus One, challenge mobile service contracts?
  43. Will Google use mobile ads to subsidize Nexus One smart phone?
  44. Google's Hype Generator, The Nexus One, Does Not Have Multitouch (In Browser and Maps
  45. Nexus One Price Tag?
  46. New member...
  47. Nexus One News Update
  48. Is a Google Netbook on the Horizon?
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  50. Nexus One - RingRing
  51. New Social Group - Ex DROID Users
  52. Another First look
  53. Exclusive: first Google Phone / Nexus One photos, Android 2.1 on-board
  54. Google Nexus Could Launch January 1st 2010
  55. Motorola Droid Likely Gets Nexus One Software Next Year
  56. Google's Nexus One: World-Changer or Just a Bad Idea?
  57. Google's 'Nexus One' the New iPhone?
  58. New Social Group - Ex-iPhone Users
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  60. 10 Points About the Nexus One Google Phone
  61. Google Phone Nexus One Specs Lodged with FCC
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  63. Doubletwist already supports the Nexus One
  64. Nexus One specs?
  65. Will the Nexus One take significant market share from the iPhone?