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  1. Emmis Communications Striving to Make Analog FM and HD Radio for Smartphones
  2. HTC and Apple Declare Patent War Truce with 10-Year Licensing Agreement
  3. [Rumor] More Pics Leak of the HTC Droid DNA/DLX; Global Launch Now Probable
  4. Android.net is now on Google+
  5. NVIDIA CEO Says that Good Tablets are Better than Cheap PCs
  6. Sony's Credit Rating Now Downgraded by Moody's to One Step Above Junk
  7. Acer Iconia Tab A220 Leaks with Android 4.1 & Quad-Core Tegra 3
  8. WalMart Customer Finds Listing Showing the Nexus 10 'In Stock' Early
  9. Transformer Pad Infinity Gets Firmware Update to v10.4.4.20 with Slew of Fixes
  10. Root Access Achieved for Photon Q 4G LTE, Atrix HD, RAZR M, RAZR i & RAZR HD
  11. Verizon CFO Says Verizon Will Finish 4G LTE Rollout by End of 2013
  12. Nexus 4 Review Compilation
  13. 7 Reasons You Should Choose the Google Nexus 10 Over an iPad
  14. Patent Office Goes Off the Deep-End; Awards Apple with Patent for Rounded Rectangle
  15. Samsung's Galaxy S3 Crowned King of Smartphones; World's Best-Selling Phone Q3 2012
  16. Angry Birds Star Wars Finally Hits Google Play Store
  17. New Images & Specs Leak for Sony Phablet the 'Yuga'; 5-Inch 1080p Display & More
  18. Verizon Does a Good Deed: Won't Charge Sandy Struck Customers for Text and Voice
  19. Jelly Bean Begins Rolling Out to the Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1
  20. Sprint's Version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II Gets Update with Multi-Window Feature
  21. Will it Blend? iPad Mini vs Kindle Fire HD vs Nexus 7
  22. New Battery Breakthrough Using Crushed Silicon Could Triple Battery Output
  23. Microsoft Office for Android Revealed
  24. [Rumor] Leaked Best Buy Black Friday Ad Shows Great Deals Coming for Android Stuff
  25. Sprint Announces Plans to Buy US Cellular Customers and Spectrum for $480 Million
  26. Motorola to Offer an Atrix HD Developer Edition with Unlocked Bootloader
  27. New and Cleaner Press Shot Leaks for the HTC DNA Phablet
  28. Apple Pushes Harder; Seeks to Add Galaxy Note 10.1 & Jelly Bean to Infringment Claim
  29. Gartner Predicts Massive Tablet & Smartphone Sales for 2013: 1.2 Billion
  30. Slick Android-Powered Cyber Goggles from Oakley
  31. [Rumor] Google May be Eating the Costs of the Nexus 4 by as Much as $380
  32. Battle the Undead Hordes in new 'Army of Darkness: Defense' Game
  33. [Deal Alert] Samsung Galaxy Note II Unlocked GSM Version for $579 at eBay Daily Deals
  34. US Court Throws Out Apple's Patent Lawsuit Against Motorola
  35. Verizon Plans to Shutter Its App Store in January; They Have an App Store?
  36. Official Rovio Angry Birds Star Wars Trailer Video
  37. [Rumor] Samsung to Reveal 'Vibrant' New Brand Image at CES 2013
  38. Android Tablet Sales Surge Q3 at Expense of iPad; Apple's Marketshare Drops to 50.4%
  39. Samsung Galaxy S III Sales Rocket to 30 Million in Just 150 Days
  40. Happy Second Birthday Android! Turns Five Less Than Two Months After Turning Four
  41. Apple Follows UK Court Ruling and Issues 'Better' Revised Statement on Their Homepage
  42. [Rumor] HTC Droid DNA Phablet Tipped for December Release (440PPI 1920x1080 Display)
  43. Samsung Sells 3 Million Galaxy Note II Devices Globally in One Month
  44. Best Buy Selling Samsung Galaxy S III for $100 Bucks Today Only
  45. Sprint Will Offer the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 10.1 LTE Version on November 11th
  46. Sprint's LG Viper LTE Getting Ice Cream Sandwich Today
  47. WikiPad Launch Indefinitely Delayed to Make Last Minute Refinements
  48. [Deal Alert] Wirefly Has a Pre-order Sale on Sprint's LG Optimus G; $150 New Contract
  49. Samsung Galaxy Note II SmartDock Available for $99; Includes Full-size HDMI and 3 USB
  50. LG Optimus G Now Available for Preorder on Sprint for $199 On Contract
  51. OUYA Android Gaming Console Still On Track for March 2013; OS Switched to Jelly Bean
  52. Apple Slapped by UK Court; Given 48 Hours to Rewrite Samsung 'Apology'
  53. Cool Kickstarter Project: Millimount Super-Gadget for Smartphones and More
  54. [Featured] Video Hands-On Follow-up Review of the Samsung Galaxy Note II
  55. Google Employee Uses DSLR to Show Off the Amazing Display on the Nexus 10
  56. Intel Teases 48-Core Mobile Processors Coming in 5 to 10 Years
  57. Acer Launches Quad-Core 7-inch Iconia A110 for just $229.99
  58. Nexus 7 Tablets Surge Forward; Now Up to 1 Million Sold per Month
  59. Full Software System Image for VZW Samsung Galaxy Note II Available for Download
  60. Samsung Galaxy S4 to Exynos 28 nanometer quad-core ARM Cortex A15 CPU Called 'Adonis'
  61. [Deal Alert] Moto Droid RAZR HD on Amazon for $129 on New Contract; MAXX HD for $179
  62. Asus Sees Q3 Profits Rise on Strong Nexus 7 & 'Convertibles' Sales
  63. Need for Speed: Most Wanted Now Available for $6.99 On Google Play Store
  64. [Deal Alert] DailySteals Has Samsung Galaxy Note II for Just $579.99 Unlocked
  65. Verizon Mail-In Rebate Form Details Phones Launching by Nov 21; HTC DLX/DNA Missing
  66. First Impressions of the Samsung Galaxy Note II on Sprint
  67. Verizon Officially Launches the LG Spectrum 2 for $99.99 On Contract
  68. Google Search Updated in Google Play Store with Google Now Features
  69. Android 4.2 New Features: Plus Video of Nexus 4, Nexus 10, Android 4.2 at Google HQ
  70. Samsung Galaxy S3 Icon Pack Giveaway
  71. Nexus 4 in Google Play Store 'Coming Soon'; 8GB $299 Unlocked & 16GB $349 Unlocked
  72. New Samsung Made Google Nexus 10 Android Tablet Detailed Specs & Pricing
  73. Google Launches New Nexus Line: Nexus 4, 32GB Nexus 7, Nexus 10 & Android 4.2
  74. New Security Update for the Droid RAZR HD & MAXX HD Bring Isis Support
  75. [Rumor] Nexus 3 Device Teased in Pics from Google Switzerland Employee
  76. Amazon Takes Direct Aim at iPad Mini With Kindle Fire HD Ad on Amazon's Homepage
  77. [Rumor] Supposedly Leaked Screenshot Pegs Verizon Galaxy Note II for Nov 29 Release
  78. Walmart Has the 32GB Nexus 7 In Stock for $249; Drops Price of 16GB Model to $199
  79. Google's Big 'Playground' Press Announcement Canceled Due to Hurricane Sandy
  80. Google's Samsung Nexus 10 Photos & Specs Supposedly Leaked
  81. 32GB Nexus 7 Tablet Shows Up in Office Depot System for $250, But Still Unavailable
  82. Samsung Rules Mobile; Ships More Smartphones Q3 Than Any Company in History
  83. Apple Petulantly Publishes The UK Court Ruling Admitting Samsung Didn't Copy Them
  84. Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Note II Available Now for $300 On Contract
  85. Google’s Vic Gundotra Shares Pic From a Nexus 10 Tablet Confirming It Before Launch
  86. SwiftKey Offers 'Swype-like' Experience With New SwiftKey Flow
  87. [Rumor] Pics of the Google Nexus 10 Tablet User Manual Leaked
  88. Jelly Bean 4.1.2 Coming to Unlocked Galaxy S3 by December with Multi-Window Feature
  89. Sprint's Version of the Samsung Galaxy S III Getting Jelly Bean Rollout Today
  90. Sprint Rolls Out New 4G Tablet Data Plans; Coming Nov 11 Just in Time for New Tablets
  91. LG Profitable Again for Q3; No Plans for WP8; Plans to Sell 10M Androids by Q2 2013
  92. [Rumor] UK Retailer Reveals Launch Date of LG Nexus 4 to be October 30th
  93. VZW Samsung Galaxy Note II Pre-Order Up Now; Ships By Nov 27th; Plus GNote2 Promo Vid
  94. Samsung Hosts Press Event to Showcase the New Galaxy Note II and Build Hype
  95. U.S. Cellular Anounces Samsung Galaxy Note II On Store Shelves Oct 26 for $299
  96. Verizon Galaxy Note II Pre-Orders Starting Midnight Tonight & Press Pics Released
  97. Leaked Verizon Map List Suggests the HTC DLX May be Called the HTC Droid DNA
  98. Samsung's Press Event Tonight to Show-Off the New Galaxy Note II
  99. Google Nexus 7 8GB Version Removed From Google Play Store; Possibly Forever
  100. Nextbook Premium 10SE Android ICS 9.7-Inch Tablet for $280; Not Exactly a Bargain
  101. T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy Note 2 On Sale Today; T-Mo for $370 & Wirefly for $280
  102. [Exclusive] Moto Leak: Android 4.2.2=Key Lime Pie + Upgrade Timeline & RAZR X
  103. Sprint Adds New Cities to LTE Roster; Now Covers Over 30 Markets
  104. AT&T Galaxy Note II Announcement: Pre-Order Oct 25 & In Stores Nov 9 for $300
  105. Ice Cream Sandwich Update build 6.7.246 Now Available for Motorola Droid Bionic
  106. Shocking Move by USPTO: Apple's 'Rubber-Band' Patent Invalid; Maybe Big for Samsung
  107. Samsung Display Will Likely Terminate Its Contract to Build Apple Displays Next Year
  108. LG India Confirms that Google Will Announce LG Nexus 4 and Android 4.2 on Oct 29
  109. Tweet Seems to Confirm That Samsung is Already Testing Jelly Bean on OG Galaxy Note
  110. Pic Leaked For the HTC Droid Incredible X (aka DLX, aka DELUXE, aka J Butterfly)
  111. Sprint's Version of the LG Optimus G Already Rooted Before Its Release
  112. Pic Leaks of the Sony Xperia C650X Odin Showing Off 5-Inch Display
  113. Motorola Lists Devices That Will Get Jelly Bean & Shares Trade-In Phone Details Too
  114. 32GB Nexus 7 Tablets Already Spotted at Staples
  115. Researchers find 1,000 insecure Android apps; SSL Vulnerabilities Expose Data
  116. Samsung Sweden confirmed S II, Note & Note 10.1 to Jelly Bean in November
  117. [Rumor] New Pics Show Up for the LG Nexus 4; Specs Confirmed with 8GB or 16GB Model
  118. Leaked Walmart Doc Reveals Pricing for Samsung Galaxy Note II on T-Mobile
  119. Samsung Galaxy S III Coming to MetroPCS October 22nd off-contract for $499
  120. A Pure Google Phone From Motorola May Come Next Year, But Likely Will Be 6-8 Months
  121. [Rumor] EXIF Data Supposedly Points to Nexus 10 Device
  122. AT&T Takes Jab at the Sprint & Softbank Deal; Suggests Heavy Scrutiny
  123. Unofficial Galaxy Nexus Google+ Page Spreading More Multiple Nexus Rumors
  124. ICS Update Rolling Out for Motorola Droid Bionic
  125. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity Gets Minor Firmware Update, But Still on Android 4.1.1
  126. Motorola Droid RAZR HD Developer Edition Available for $599.99
  127. Sprint Takes Board Control of Clearwire After Increasing Ownership to 50.8%
  128. Google's New Android 4.2 Will Likely Have Enhanced Security Features
  129. Acer Unveils the 7-inch A110 tablet; Tegra 3, 8GB, and microSD card slot Oct 30 $229
  130. Android 4.1.2 Rolls Out for the Google Play Store Version of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus
  131. Apple Loses Appeal in UK Court; Must Now Publicly Admit Samsung Didn't Copy Them
  132. Google Sending Out Invites for October 29th Android Event Now
  133. RAZR HD & RAZR MAXX HD Available! VZW, Amazon & Wirefly (Wirefly Best Deal)
  134. [Rumor] Pricing Tipped for Best Buy's 9.7" Insignia Flex Tab: Nov. 11 for $239-$259
  135. [Deal Alert] Amazon Has Coby Kyros 7-Inch Tablet for Less Than $100 Bucks
  136. HTC Joins the 'Phablet' Fray with the HTC J Butterfly; 5-Inch, Quad-Core S4, 2GB Ram
  137. Jelly Bean for SGS3: Rolling Out Europe; Canada Before Holidays; US Maybe Next Year
  138. Asus Releases a Trio of Padfone 2 Video Commercials
  139. LG's Own Experiment Claims LG Optimus G Has Longer Battery Life than the Galaxy S III
  140. New GT-N5100 Samsung Tab Passing Through WiFi Certification; Maybe Sammy Nexus Tab?
  141. US Customers Pay 10 Times More for LTE Than Those in Sweden; 3X More Than All Europe
  142. [Deal Alert] Daily Steals Has an Unlocked Samsung Galaxy Nexus 16GB for just $319.99
  143. Black & Brown Galaxy S III Phones Now Available on Verizon
  144. Asus Officially Announces the PadFone 2: 4.7-inch smartphone & 10.1-inch tablet dock
  145. Sprint's Samsung Galaxy Note II Will Come October 25th for $299 On Contract
  146. Video Demo Leaks Out Future Google TV Features; Voice-Activated Remote Control & More
  147. Photos From the 'Nexus 4' Uploaded to Google+ by Google and LG Employees
  148. Costco Pre-Order Page Shows Motorola Droid RAZR HD Coming Oct. 18th
  149. New Features Coming in Gmail Update: Pinch-to-Zoom and More
  150. Unofficial Android 4.1.2/Jelly Bean for Your WiFi Motorola Xoom
  151. Best Buy Launching Their Own Android Tablet: The Insignia Flex Tablet
  152. Official Statement Released: Softbank to Acquire 70% Stake in Sprint for $20 Billion
  153. [Rumor] Sony Nexus X Pics Leak with Google Branding and On-Screen Buttons
  154. Sprint Announces 22 More LTE Locales Opening Up
  155. Amazon Confirms They Make No Direct Profit From Kindle Device Sales
  156. Officially Jelly Bean ROM Now Out for the LTE Transformer Pad 300
  157. Samsung Galaxy Note II Coming to Canada October 30th
  158. [Rumor] LG Nexus Device to Launch Oct 29 with 8GB Storage for Only $399 Unlocked
  159. [Deal Alert] Best Buy Selling VZW & AT&T Version of the SGS3 Only $100 Sunday Only
  160. Samsung Galaxy S III Smokes The Competition in Web-Browsing Battery Tests
  161. Ice Cream Sandwich Soak Test for the Droid Bionic Started; Update Likely Coming Soon
  162. New Angry Birds: Star Wars Video Trailer
  163. Samsung Officially Unveils the Galaxy S III Mini
  164. Need for Speed: Most Wanted Landing on Android by End of October
  165. Worst Bill Shock Ever: Closeout Phone Bill Fee of €11.721 Quadrillion Euros
  166. Verizon Makes It Official: The Motorola Droid RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD Oct. 18th
  167. Japan's Softbank Maybe Planning to Acquire Sprint for $12 Billion; Sprint Stock Soars
  168. [Rumor] Samsung's GT-i9260 is Not the G-Nex 2; Will be Called the Galaxy Premier
  169. [Rumor] LG Nexus to Launch Oct 29, and Some High Quality Pics Leak of the Device
  170. AT&T & Verizon Selling Your Personal Data to Advertisers; Here's a Method to Stop it
  171. Lenovo's IdeaPad A2109 Gets a Weak Rating in New Review
  172. [Rumor] More LG Nexus Pics Show Up; Device Appears in Carphone Warehouse Inventory
  173. Motorola's RAZR HD LTE Now in Canada at Rogers; Verizon's Version Rumored for Oct 18
  174. Verizon's 5-inch HTC Droid Incredible X (aka DLX) Passes Through Global Certification
  175. Samsung Galaxy S III-Mini Specs and Pic Leaked; Likely Being Announced Tomorrow
  176. Motorola Forced To Pull Out of Germany by Apple and Microsoft
  177. T-Mobile Officially Announces Galaxy Note II Coming to Their Network this Fall
  178. Verizon Expanding 4G LTE to 21 New Markets on Oct 18; 30 More planned for Nov & Dec
  179. New Apple 'Camera' Patent Will Allow Remote Shutdown of Your Phone or its Features
  180. [Deal Alert] Newegg has Fantastic Price of $18.99 for SGS3 Accessory Bundle
  181. Google TV Gets Update That Allows for Movies, Music, and TV Show Rental & Purchases
  182. [Rumor] HTC's 5-Inch Gets Full Spec Leak and is Named the DLX
  183. [Rumor] Google & Samsung Team-Up: 10-Inch Nexus Tablet (2,560x1,600 display & 299PPI)
  184. [Rumor] Two Sets of Pics Leak for the LG Optimus Nexus
  185. Sony to launch new Flagship Android Called 'Odin' With Jelly Bean in 2013
  186. AT&T Spreads their LTE Love to Jackson, MS
  187. [Deal Alert] Get the AT&T HTC One X for just a Penny on Amazon Wireless
  188. Android 4.1 Jelly Bean ROM Leaked for Some Versions of the International HTC One X
  189. Verizon to get a Black and Brown Version of the Samsung Galaxy S III
  190. Looking to get your Note 2 on Tmobile?
  191. Motorola Officially Confirms No More Webtop and Laptop Accessories
  192. [Rumor] Android 4.2 and Motorola Nexus Phone Called Occam Show Up in AnTuTu Benchmark
  193. Things Grow Bleaker for HTC; Earnings Nosedive 79% in Q3 of 2012
  194. Samsung Galaxy Note II Getting Rave Reviews
  195. Source Code for the Galaxy Note II Comes to Samsung's Open Source Release Center
  196. Angry Birds Star Wars Coming November 8th
  197. Google's Play Store Revenue Soars
  198. [GLOBAL] RAZR HD and RAZR i Now Supported in Moto's Bootloader Unlock Program
  199. Rovio Hints at Angry Birds & Star Wars Tie-In with New Teaser
  200. [Rumor] More LG Optimus Nexus Rumors Emerge with Detailed Specs
  201. [Rumor] The Samsung Galaxy S IV Will Likely Have a 13MP Camera
  202. [Rumor] First Hands-On Report of the LG Optimus G Nexus Supposedly from a Googler
  203. Samsung Shares Small List of Smartphones by Carrier that Will get Jelly Bean
  204. Asus Also Releases the Jelly Bean Update Download for the Transformer Pad Infinity
  205. HTC One X+ and One VX Officially Coming Exclusively to AT&T
  206. LG Issues Official Press Release that the LG Optimus G is Coming to Sprint & AT&T
  207. New Drama: Samsung's Appeal Claims Verdict was Tainted By Jury Foreman's Misconduct
  208. [Rumor] Verizon Rolling Out 4G LTE in Victoria, TX Ahead of Schedule?
  209. [Rumor] Nexus Program Changing to Allow Other OEMs; LG Optimus G Nexus in November
  210. SmartQ Reveals New Tablets with a Desire to Compete with Nexus 7 and Kindle Fire HD
  211. Asus: T-Prime Update Available for Download & TF101 Rumored to Get Jelly Bean Soon
  212. [Rumor] Samsung Nexus 2 and 32GB Nexus 7 in the Works
  213. [Rumor] Samsung May Release a Galaxy S III Mini on October 11th
  214. Sprint's Galaxy Note II Passes Through the FCC with some 4G LTE 10.1 Tablets
  215. Sales of the Galaxy S III Actually Surged After Samsung Court Loss & iPhone 5 Launch
  216. T-Mobile and MetroPCS $1.5 Billion Dollar Merger Officially Moves Forward
  217. [Deal Alert] Verizon Prices Their Samsung Galaxy Nexus at $50 On a New Contract
  218. Motorola Backtracks; The Atrix 4G Will Not Receive Ice Cream Sandwich After All
  219. Googorola Completely Withdraws ITC Patent Complaint Against Apple
  220. [Deal Alert] Wirefly Sale on Sprint's SGS3 for $99 bucks & $36 Activation Credit
  221. New Teardown Reveals Samsung Galaxy S III's Display is Superior to the iPhone 5
  222. HTC Promises Jelly Bean Will Come to the HTC One X and S in October
  223. HTC One X+ Officially Unveiled; Jelly Bean, Improved Specs, Tegra 3 & LTE and More
  224. New Data Suggests That Android Could Overtake the Apple iPad in the Tablet Market
  225. Galaxy Note II Video Comparison of the Marble White vs. Titanium Grey Colors
  226. Samsung Officially Adds iPhone 5 to Lawsuit; Also Galaxy Tab 10.1 Sales Ban Lifted
  227. New I535VRALHD ROM ICS ROM leaks for the Verizon Galaxy S III
  228. AT&T & Sony to Launch Official "James Bond Smartphone" the Xperia TL
  229. Sharp Has Begun Mass Producing Full HD (1080p), 443 PPI 5-inch Smartphone Displays
  230. Jelly Bean Update Finally Arrives for the Asus Transformer Pad Infinity
  231. [Rumor] Google's Next Nexus Phone Coming From LG Within Next 30 Days with Android 4.2
  232. AT&T, VZW & T-Mobile Versions of the Galaxy Note II Pass FCC; Also Features Video
  233. Jelly Bean Update Leaks for the Sprint Version of the Samsung Galaxy S III
  234. [Rumor] Acer Iconia Tab A700 Jelly Bean Update Coming Down the Pipe for Some
  235. Asus Transformer Pad Infinity Jelly Bean Update Delayed but Likely Coming Next Week
  236. [Rumor] Droid RAZR HD and RAZR MAXX HD Maybe Delayed by Antenna Problems
  237. HP Planning to 'aggressively attack' Smartphone & Tablet Market with Android Devices
  238. [Deal Alert] 'Matrix One' 7-Inch Android Tablet On Sale for $59.99
  239. Motorola Contest With a Chance to Win a Dev Edition of the Motorola Droid RAZR M
  240. Google Maps Refresh Includes Hi-Res Satellite Imagery and 45° Pictures for 51 Cities
  241. [Rumor] VZW Galaxy Nexus On Sale at WalMart for Less Than a Buck! $.97 On Contract
  242. [Rumor] Droid RAZR HD and RAZR HD MAXX Launching October 18th; $199 & $299 Each
  243. Amazon Asks Judge to Throw Out Apple's Lawsuit for "App Store" Name; Plus Bonus Story
  244. Rovio Officially Launches 'Bad Piggies' in Google Play Store
  245. Transformer Prime Begins Receiving Jelly Bean Update This Morning
  246. The Kindle Fire HD Already Accounts For 11% Of Kindle Fire Web Traffic
  247. Samsung Galaxy S III Coming to MetroPCS in October; Pricing Unknown at This Time
  248. Eden B70 Ice Cream Sandwich Tablet Coming to the U.S. for Only $99
  249. Archos 97 ICS Android Tablet Revealed; Specs But No Other Details
  250. [Rumor] Google and Asus May Be Preparing to Launch a $99 Nexus Tablet Later This Year