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  1. [Rumor] Google and Asus May Be Preparing to Launch a $99 Nexus Tablet Later This Year
  2. [Rumor] Asus Padfone 2 Likely to be Unveiled Oct. 16 and will Include Jelly Bean
  3. Google Play Store 25B Downloads Promo: Movies, Books, Music and More
  4. Asus Confirms on Facebook Transformer Infinity and Prime Will Get Jelly Bean Soon
  5. Hilarious Prank Video Has iPhone Fans Cringing as Fake Genius Drops New iPhone 5s
  6. [Rumor] LG to Launch Variant of Optimus G that is a Nexus Device: LG Optimus Nexus
  7. Samsung Releases Update and Comments on the Galaxy S III Security Vulnerability
  8. Google Play Celebrates 25 Billion Downloads with 25 Apps, Books and Movies
  9. Gameloft's New Modern Combat 4: Zero Hour Shows Incredible Graphic Detail in Video
  10. Huawei May Start Developing a New Mobile OS to Rival Android, iOS, Microsoft & Others
  11. Galaxy S III and Other Sammy Devices Vulnerable to Remote Wipe Hack
  12. Samsung's Bid for a New Trial Raises 'Jury Misconduct' Issue as Well As Time Crunch
  13. Kyros 7-Inch Tablets From Coby Discounted to $80 and $95 on Amazon
  14. Google Nexus 7 Arrives in Japan
  15. [Deal Alert] Flash Sale at DailySteals: Plethora of Tablets with Varying Discounts
  16. Sprint Expands 4G LTE to More Cities & Sprint's Stock is Up More than 140% This Year
  17. Apple, Samsung & Motorola: Apple Seeks $700M More in US & Takes a Loss In Germany
  18. [Rumor] Asus PadFone 2 Specs Leaked: S4 Pro CPU, 4.7-inch 720p screen, 13 MP & More
  19. The Netflix Interface Update Now Comes to Android Phones as Well
  20. Happy Belated Birthday Android! Congratz on Turning Four Yesterday!
  21. Vellamo Adds CPU & Memory Tests to Its Benchmarks; Tests SGS3 and HTC One X
  22. Samsung Shares Jelly Bean Update Device Roadmap (Without Details)
  23. Jelly Bean Update Rolling Out to Samsung Galaxy S III in Europe Now
  24. [Rumor] 5-Inch HTC Droid Incredible X Will be the Google Nexus 5
  25. [Rumor] HTC One X Will Be Getting Jelly Bean in October
  26. Qualcomm Video Shows Their Older 2010 Mobile Chips are Better Than Intel's Atom
  27. Verizon Opens Up Several New LTE Markets and Expands in Others
  28. Verizon's Samsung Galaxy Nexus Getting Jelly Bean OTA Rollout Now!
  29. Verizon's CFO Says that "unlimited" is "just a word" and "doesn't mean anything."
  30. [Rumor] Leaked Verizon RoadMap Reveals HTC Droid Incredible X, LG Spectrum 2, & More
  31. Sprint Shares They Have Sold Over 1 Million LTE Devices Already
  32. PowerA MOGA Game-Controller for Android Phones Coming Oct 21 for $50 Bucks
  33. The Bard's Tale Now Available for Android; Complete with Cary Elwes and Snarky Humor
  34. NTT DoCoMo To Launch World's Lightest Android Tablet in Japan
  35. DyzPlastic Reveals another Figurine from Series 3 and the Sept. 24 Launch Date
  36. Facebook Developing Automatic 'Photo-Sync' Uploads for Android
  37. Android Has Four Times More Global Marketshare than iOS
  38. Samsung and Motorola Counter-Offensive Against Apple; Samsung Going after iPhone 5
  39. [Deal Alert] Motorola LapDock for the Droid Bionic at DailySteals for $60 Bucks
  40. Chameleon Launcher Off Beta; Now in Google Play Store for $10 Bucks
  41. Samsung Disses iPhone in Latest Ad
  42. HTC Officially Unveils the Windows Phone 8X and 8S at Press Event
  43. Acer Officially Announces Their Iconia A110 7-Inch Tab with Android 4.1/Jelly Bean
  44. [Rumor] Asus Padfone 2 Maybe Coming Soon with Quad-Core S4 CPU; Leaked Benchmark
  45. [Rumor] New LG Rumor - The Optimus G Might Be the First LG Nexus Device
  46. [Rumor] LG Supposedly Confirms that the Optimus G Will Arrive in the U.S. in November
  47. Official: Samsung Galaxy Note II Coming to All 5 Major U.S. Carriers by November
  48. Could the Handheld Nautiz X1 Be the Toughest Smartphone in the World?
  49. Google Play Credit Will No Longer Be Available on New Nexus 7 Tablets After Sept. 30
  50. OTA Software Update Rolling Out for TF300T to Improve Stability
  51. More Cool Series 3 Android Figurines ShowCased by Dyzplastic
  52. Singapore to Get their Galaxy S III with Jelly Bean Pre-Loaded From the Factory
  53. Samsung Refutes Rumors of the Samsung Galaxy S IV Coming in March
  54. Preliminary Benchmarks Appear for the Intel-Powered Motorola RAZR i Smartphone
  55. LG Optimus G Benchmarked With Mixed yet Solid Results; Needs Browser Optimizations
  56. LG Optimus G Officially Launched; Korea Next Week and Globally in October
  57. Motorola and Intel Debut the RAZR i with 'Edge-to-Edge' Display and Intel Inside
  58. New Universal Root Method for 'Most' ICS and Jelly Bean Devices
  59. iFixit Performs Surgical Teardown on the Kindle Fire HD; Deemed an Easy Fix
  60. Motorola RAZR HD to Debut in Germany in October; U.S. Launch May be Close to That
  61. The 2nd-Gen Enhanced Kindle Fire and the Kindle Fire HD Both Have Locked Bootloaders
  62. [Rumor] Samsung Galaxy S IV Already Rumored for MWC in February 2013
  63. New 'Snarky' Galaxy S III Ad from Samsung Takes Direct Aim at the iPhone 5
  64. Google's Andy Rubin Weighs in on Aliyun and Acer Debacle; Things Become Clearer
  65. Pic Appears of Verizon's Version of the Samsung Galaxy Note II
  66. [Rumor] AT&T Will Launch Samsung Galaxy Note II & Nokia Lumia 920 on October 21st
  67. Motorola XT890 Passes Through the FCC; May Be the Intel-Powered Phone
  68. DyzPlastic Ups the Bad A$$ery in Android Figurines with 'Nexus'!
  69. New Update for the Verizon Galaxy S III Adds Remote Diagnostics Tool & More
  70. Ergo Electronics Debut Various GoTab GTi Android Tablets
  71. Motorola's Atrix HD Gets an Incremental OTA Update; Bug Fixes & Minor Improvements
  72. Amazon's Kindle Fire HD 7-Inch Officially Launched and Available Now
  73. German Court Rules that Motorola Must Recall All Android Tablets and Smartphones
  74. Ice Cream Sandwich Confirmed for Verizon's Galaxy Tab 10.1
  75. LG & Qualcomm Announce US Event for September 19
  76. First Droid RAZR MAXX HD Commercial : Long Live the Battery
  77. Analysts Predict Amazon Might Sell as Many as 5 Million Kindle Fire HD Tabs This Year
  78. Total Shipments of Android Phones Likely to Surpass 1 Billion in 2013
  79. Wisdom from the Woz: Doesn't Agree with Cali Verdict; Doesn't Think it Will Stick
  80. LG's Sera Park Discusses The Design Evolution of the LG Optimus G
  81. [Rumor] Google May Have Strong-Armed Acer to Stop Their Aliyun OS-based Smartphone
  82. Motorola Droid RAZR M On Sale Today for $100 on New Verizon Contract
  83. Creator of Humorous Fake Steve Jobs Blog Calls New iPhone and Apple "Boring"
  84. 'The Bond Phone' Sony Xperia T Will Go on Sale at O2 in the UK
  85. Samsung Predicts They Will Sell 30 Million Galaxy S III Phones This Year
  86. Google VP Comments on Patent Wars: Google Didn't Think Rounded Corners Patentable
  87. LG's Video Shows They Are Serious About the Camera in the Optimus G
  88. Zuck Interview: Working on Native Android App; Regrets HTML5; No Facebook Phone
  89. Android Reaches 1.3 Activations Per Day and Over Half a Billion Total Installs
  90. October Jelly Bean Rollout Confirmed for International Samsung Galaxy S III
  91. ViewSonic 22-inch Android VSD220 Smart Display; Coming to US in October for $400
  92. Samsung Galaxy S III Smartphone on Amazon for $100 Bucks for the 3 Major Carriers
  93. Google Nexus 7 Denied Entry Into Chinese Market
  94. Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S III Gets a TouchWiz Jelly Bean ROM Port
  95. Nexus 7 Tear Down Video
  96. Samsung Plans to Sue Apple Over iPhone 5 LTE Patent Violations Right Out of the Gate
  97. Gigantic Marketing Blunder Leads to 'ethics investigation' in Nokia Lumia 920 Ad
  98. Sprint Press Release Details 100+ New Cities for 4G LTE Service in Coming Months
  99. Apple Having a Hard Time Trying to Invalidate HTC Patents in a U.S. Court
  100. Google's Project Glass Shows Up on the Runway of a New York Fashion Show
  101. Tabeo Android Tablet for Kids Announced by Toys R' Us
  102. LG Shares Some New Optimus G Technology Demo Videos; Battery Improvements Featured
  103. [Rumor] An HTC Desire 4G LTE Could be Coming to Verizon Soon
  104. [Rumor] Info Suggests Verizon May be Getting the Samsung Galaxy Note II
  105. LG Video Teaser Shows Off Their New Optimus G and a 'World Without Limits'
  106. Google Pays Tribute to Start Trek on Main Page
  107. [Rumor] Sprint Likely to Be One of the Carriers to Sell the Samsung Galaxy Note II
  108. [Rumor] HTC One X+ Specs Leaked on Twitter; HTC One X Getting Jelly Bean in December
  109. Sprint's Newest Samsung Galaxy S III Commercial Shows Off S Beam Feature
  110. New Getac Z710 Android Tablet Can Take a Thrashing and Dishes One Out to Your Wallet
  111. [Rumor] HTC May Jump Back into Android Tablet Game with 7 and 10-inch on Sept. 19th
  112. Wikipad Gaming Android Tablet Shows Up at Gamestop with Specs, Pricing & More
  113. Netflix Android App Update; 'WiFi only' Playback Feature to Help with Your Data Usage
  114. Jelly Bean Started Rolling Out Yesterday for Sprint's Galaxy Nexus and Nexus S 4G
  115. Amazon Kindle Fire HD Variants Pre-Order Page Links from Amazon
  116. Amazon Officially Announces New Tablets; 8.9" Kindle Fire HD & More
  117. [Rumor] Future Galaxy Note 3? Samsung's 5.8" ClorOLED Display with 16 Subpixel Matrix
  118. Samsung Sold Over 20 Million Galaxy S III Devices Already
  119. Hulk Featured in new 'Avengers Initiative' Mobile Game; Coming to Android Soon
  120. Android 4.0/Ice Cream Sandwich Now On 20.9% of Devices; Jelly Bean Up to 1.2% Already
  121. FCC Tells the Wireless Carriers to Be Prepared; Soon will Test Data Speed Claims
  122. Amazon Launches Teaser Promo for New Kindle Fire Before Big Announcement Today
  123. Newest comScore Data: Android Still On Top; Samsung in 1st, LG in 2nd & Apple 3rd
  124. New 7-Inch Funbook Alpha Tablet Launched by Micromax in India
  125. Motorola's New Droid RAZR M Pre-Order Site Now Live
  126. Motorola Officially Unleashes the Motorola Droid RAZR HD & Droid RAZR M
  127. HTC Jumps On the Press Event Bandwagon; Holding Their Own Event Sept. 19th
  128. [Rumor] HTC May be Working on Their Own Phablet Sized Device; Leaked Pics Tease
  129. [Rumor] Motorola Droid RAZR M and Droid RAZR HD Press Shots are Leaked
  130. Apple vs. Samsung: Second Interview With Jury Foreman Worse Than the First & More
  131. Motorola Will Stream Their Media Event Live Tomorrow
  132. [Breaking (Stuff)] LG's Logo Origins Could Point to Secret Founder!
  133. Another Build of Jelly Bean Leaks for the SGS3; More Proof it is Coming Soon?
  134. [Rumor] New Nexus 7 with 3G Connectivity May Be Coming 'In around six weeks'
  135. Blast from the Past: Maxell Surprises by Jumping Into the Cheap Android Tablet Market
  136. [Rumor] Motorola Will Announce an Edge-to-Edge Display Phone on September 5th
  137. Verizon Officially Launches the 5-inch LG Intuition; Coming as Early as September 6th
  138. Mysterious HTC Android Phone Surfaces, Is It Bound for Verizon?
  139. Sony Unveils Xperia T, V and J Android Smartphones
  140. New Player in the Google TV Market: Samsung to Debut Google TV Equipped Smart TVs
  141. Proof that Google is More Innovative than Apple, Plus the Myth of 'Pinch-to-Zoom'
  142. Amazon Developing a Dual-Display Kindle Tablet; E-Ink Back and Full-Color Front
  143. Graphically Intense and Tegra Optimized Game 'Horn' Now in Google Play Store
  144. Huawei Officially Launches the (delayed by CPU production) MediaPad 10 FHD
  145. Amazon Appstore Update - New UI and International Users Now Welcome
  146. Droid RAZR M Boot Animation And More
  147. [Rumor] Google & Apple Conducting Secret Talks for a Patent Settlement
  148. Apple & Qualcomm Offer TSMC $1 Billion+ Bids for Exclusivity; TSMC Declines
  149. HTC Desire X Officially Unveiled
  150. Lenovo Unveils Three New Android Talbets at IFA 2012
  151. Legal Verdict Against Samsung Might Have Helped Their Sales According to New Study
  152. White Trimmed Version of the Motorola Droid RAZR M 4G LTE Shows Up in Pics
  153. At IFA Samsung Promises that Jelly Bean Will be Coming Soon to the Galaxy S III
  154. Amazon Just Announced That Their Kindle Fire Tablet is Sold Out Completely
  155. Google Steps Up with Another Great Commercial for the Nexus 7
  156. Tech Out of IFA: Samsung Debuts the Galaxy Camera with Crazy Specs & Jelly Bean
  157. [Deal Alert] Refurb Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 On Sale at Woot for $179.99
  158. Sony Unleashes New Tegra 3 Quad-Core Xperia Tablet S at IFA 2012
  159. Samsung Officially Launches the Quad-Core Galaxy Note II at IFA
  160. Sprint Has Expanded Their LTE Service to 4 New Cities
  161. Jelly Bean Now Available for The Worldwide (WW) & Taiwan (TW) Versions of TF300
  162. Motorola: You On Display (Contest)
  163. Archos Announces a new Android Based 7-inch Gaming Device called the GamePad
  164. Google Working to Make Google Wallet a True Digital Replacement for The Real Thing
  165. Motorola Set to Unveil an Intel-Powered Smartphone in London on September 18th
  166. Samsung Stratosphere 2 Specs Leaked: Bigger Screen, Dual-core Snapdragon S4 & More
  167. Nexus 7 Featured on Google.com Today
  168. Bad News of the Day: Motorola is Installing a 'Root Checker' on VZW ICS Devices
  169. Interesting Facts About the Impact of the U.S. Wireless Industry on the Economy
  170. Sony Xperia S Tab Launching with Slew of Accessories Including Surface-style KB Cover
  171. LG Stuns With the Most Powerful Smartphone on the Planet: the LG Optimus G
  172. Samsung Officially Announces Galaxy S III Coming in 4 New Colors
  173. Apple v Samsung Epilogue; Real Impact of Case $12B ; Verdict Likely to be Overturned
  174. [Rumor] Droid RAZR M Nearly Official: More Leaked Pics; 4.3" qHD & 1.5GHz Dual-Core
  175. 3 New Phones for Verizon; LG Spectrum 2, Samsung Stratosphere 2 & Galaxy Stellar
  176. OG Droid Gets Jelly Bean ROM
  177. [Rumor] 'Titan Grey' Galaxy S III Coming Soon; Galaxy Note 2 May Launch in October
  178. Nexus 7 Now on Sale at Premium Prices in Germany, Spain and France
  179. Lenovo's New IdeaPad A2109 with Tegra 3 and Android 4.0 on Sale for $300 at Best Buy
  180. Archos Developing an 11.6" HD XS Tablet for 2013; Also Shares Smaller XS Tabs' Prices
  181. Apple v Samsung Aftermath; Google Statement; Juror Speaks Out & More
  182. Nexus 7 Overclocked to 2GHz Takes Things to a Whole-New Benchmark Crushing Level
  183. [Editorial] Now That Samsung Was Found Liable, What are the Potential Ramifications?
  184. LG Releases a Teaser Site for their New Quad-Core Phone That is Coming This Year
  185. Leaked Version of Jelly Bean Shows Up for the T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S III
  186. Google Pushes the Envelop on Sci-Fi Beyond Project Glass; New Patent for VR Gloves
  187. Amazon Announces Their Own Press Event Scheduled Sept 6; Maybe the Next Kindle Fire?
  188. New Blood & Glory: Legend Game Coming to Android from GluMobileGames
  189. Samsung Shares Galaxy S III Design Process in Video
  190. European Owners Will Soon Receive Jelly Bean for Asus Transformer 300; Starting in UK
  191. FCC Approves the Verizon Spectrum Deal but Only with Some Concessions
  192. South Korean Court: Apple v Samsung; Both Parties Infringed; Samsung Didn't Copy
  193. [Rumor] Next Droid May Actually be the Motorola Droid M for $149.99
  194. Pandora for Android Gets Big Update With Improved UI and More
  195. HTC Refutes Rumors That They Intend to Drop Beats Audio
  196. New Archos 101 XS Tablet Similar to Transformer; Comes With Keyboard Dock & More
  197. New Update to Chameleon Launcher Beta Has a Slew of New Fixes, Features & New Widgets
  198. Almost 50% of U.S. Consumers Don't Think They Need 4G LTE According to Survey
  199. Qualcomm Confirms New LG Superphone with Quad-Core Snapdragon S4 Pro
  200. [Breaking (Stuff)] Rovio Teams Up with NASA Again, Shows Life & War on Mars
  201. Verizon Wins J.D. Power and Associates 2012 Wireless Network Quality Performance
  202. Motorola Tweets Older Devices (like Bionic, Droid 3, DX2) Will NOT Get Unlock Tool
  203. Apple v. Samsung Story Link Compilation; Case in Jury's Hands Now & More
  204. [Rumor] Nexus 7 May be Coming to Germany and Italy Sept. 3rd or Earlier
  205. HTC Considering Dropping Beats Integration Altogether & May Drop Prices on Handsets
  206. Sprint Expands its LTE Network Into Baltimore with Speeds Hitting 15Mbps
  207. First GamePlay Trailer Video of Gameloft's 'Wild Blood' Game; Game Coming Soon
  208. Google Play Store Gift Cards Now Available in Target, Radio Shack and Gamestop
  209. [Deal Alert] Unlocked AT&T Samsung Galaxy S III On Sale at On 1SaleADay for $499.99
  210. International Version of Samsung Galaxy S III Likely to Get Jelly Bean Next Week
  211. T-Mobile Drops Data Caps and Throttling and Switches to Unlimited 4G Data Plans
  212. The Motorola Droid RAZR HD for Verizon Showed Up at Global Certification Forum
  213. Rumors Suggest Several New Nexus Phones From Multiple OEMs This Winter
  214. Sony's Big ICS Rollout Continues; Xperia Arc, Arc S, Neo, Neo V, & More This Week
  215. [Rumor] Samsung Galaxy S II Plus and Galaxy S III Mini May Be Coming Q4
  216. [Deal Alert] Great Sale Over at 1SaleADay.com On Multiple Tablets
  217. New $15 Blurex Case for the Nexus 7 Better & Cheaper Than the Official Google Version
  218. Analysts Predict Nexus 7 Sales Could Hit 8 Million Units This Year
  219. Costco Drops Price on Toshiba Excite 10 ICS Tab to a 'Game-Changing' $300 Until Dec 1
  220. Possible Enhanced Refresh of the Samsung Galaxy Nexus Coming; i9260 Spec-list
  221. Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tablet Gets Treated to Some iFixit-style Mutilation
  222. More Tough News? HTC Will Lose its $40 Million Investment in OnLive Restructure
  223. Sprint Now has the Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE Available for $200 On New Contract
  224. Asus Transformer TF300 Gets Jelly Bean Update; Rolling Out Now
  225. Samsung Hires Actor James Franco for Latest Samsung Galaxy Note 10.1 Tab Commercial
  226. Samsung Teases What is Likely The Galaxy Note 2 with First IFA Unpacked Teaser Video
  227. Motorola Droid RAZR HD Training Videos Leaked, then Removed, then Posted Again
  228. Google Finally Draws Its Sword; Files New Case Against Apple With Motorola Patents
  229. Motorola Schedules September 5th Event with Verizon; Maybe the RAZR HD Announcement
  230. Apple v Samsung Trial Updates; Judge Suggests Apple Lawyer 'Smoking Crack' & More
  231. Ice Cream Sandwich Roll Out for the Sony Xperia P; Coming Soon to Xperia Sola, Go & U
  232. Huawei's Quad-Core Ascend D to Finally Debut in China Later this Month
  233. T-Mobile's Samsung Galaxy S III Receiving OTA Update
  234. New Motorola Photon Q 4G LTE $50 Off Pre-order at Wirefly
  235. Cyanogen Mod 10 for the Verizon Galaxy S3 is now officially Unofficial!
  236. Asus TF500T Device Passes Through FCC with WiFi and Tablet Shape
  237. DOJ Signs Off on New Spectrum Deal for Verizon, T-Mobile and Cable Companies
  238. [Rumor] Sprint Offers $400 for Switching Carriers & Activating 3 or More Lines
  239. [Rumor] New Leaked Pic Supposedly Surfaces for the Samsung Galaxy Note 2
  240. South Korean Researchers Working on Batteries that Fully Charge in Minutes
  241. New LTE Motorola Device Called the XT907 Passes Through the FCC On Way to Verizon
  242. Android Tablet Summer Buyer's Guide Series, Part Three: Budget-Friendly Edition
  243. Fujitsu's Stylistic M532 Tablet Hitting US Shores with Tough-specs and Extra Security
  244. Verizon Adds & Expands LTE Again; Now Blankets 75% of the United States
  245. Actual Google Play Store Gift Cards in $10 & $25 Denominations Maybe Coming August
  246. Leaked Official Android 4.1/Jelly Bean Seen Running on Samsung Galaxy S III
  247. Verizon's Samsung Galaxy S III Now Unlocked; Obviates the Developer Edition
  248. [Deal Alert] Staples Coupon Code Shaves $15 Bucks From the 16GB Nexus 7 Tablet
  249. New Xiaomi Phone 2: Quad-Core S4 CPU, 4.3" 720p Display, MIUI, Only $310 China Only
  250. Amazon's Next Kindle May Have Slipped Stealthily Through the FCC